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Taiwanese phone maker introduces "Touch" with iPhone-like features

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jun 2007 19:19 User comments (6)

Taiwanese phone maker introduces "Touch" with iPhone-like features HTC, the large Taiwanese phone maker, introduced its "Touch" mobile phone on Tuesday, boasting many of the features of the Apple iPhone.
The phone maker, which usually sells its phones directly to mobile carriers which then rebrand the phone as its own is putting alot of faith in the phone as it believes it can contribute significantly to the company's financial performance.

The Touch has a 2.8 inch color LCD screen and is based on the Windows Mobile 6 OS. Also included is a 2-megapixel digital camera, built in Wi-Fi and EDGE, and a microSD slot for added memory. In total the phone is a bit thick, measuring in at 14 millimeters.

HTC said the first carrier to recieve the device would be the European Orange and the carrier is expected to begin selling the phone next week. The rest of Europe as well as Asia will receive the phone later this month and the Americas will recieve it later this year.

While in Europe the Touch will keep its HTC brand, when it hits North America, T-Mobile will launch it under their own name.

The Touch will include HTC's "TouchFLO" technology, a technology that will allow the phone's UI to act similarly to the iPhone.

"This was a smart move for HTC, provide a really cool, local optimized, touch screen device when the iPhone launches in all the markets where you won't be able to get one immediately,"
JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg said.


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6 user comments

15.6.2007 21:41

Well the success of this device all depends on how much of it is a carbon copy of the iphone. Also i would love to see pictures of this device. If this device is cheaper than the iphone it may have a fighting chance.

25.6.2007 21:56

Apparently it already has its very own site, so check it out.

I like it, and as long it costs %50 or less than the iPhone I will snatch one when it appears at my local T-Mobile reseller.

35.6.2007 22:22

Looks good i want to test this out.

46.6.2007 1:46

Right on screw Apple.

58.6.2007 13:05

If it's anything like my WM5 phone, it'll be a mess! I was so excited when I got the XV6700... but not nearly as excited as the prospect of getting something else. My Verizon contract is up now. I'll probably try the iPhone... don't think I can wait for a replacement phone much longer!

626.7.2007 13:48

I've always had good luck with HTC phones in the past, so this should be another step up for them.

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