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NBC will allow web syndication of its media content

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2007 15:34 User comments (4)

NBC will allow web syndication of its media content On Wednesday, NBC announced that it will allow users to post clips
of popular NBC news and sports shows on their personal websites and blogs. Rival station CBS announced the same idea last week.

According to the announcement, initially Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News
with Brian Williams, Dateline NBC and programming from NBC Sports,, and will be offered.

Until today, NBC had allowed users to post clips of the popular shows Heroes
and Saturday Night Live only. The web site owner can post the video clips the
same way YouTube does, by the use of a widget.


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4 user comments

16.6.2007 15:42

awesome =] NBC rocks. i love heroes. and screw CBS.

26.6.2007 16:49

All TV is going to go this way.

36.6.2007 17:04

I'm really glad that someone at NBC has realized that allowing us to pull their content and share it with millions only increases their audience and their appeal. Can't waot for others to follow suit!

47.6.2007 13:08

The TV authorities figured it out.

Now lets just hope the Music Industry, hopefully sooner that later, see they too cannot fight the power.

Times are changing, its only right they act accordingly.

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