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Stringer looking to "refine" PS3 price

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2007 9:22 User comments (18)

Stringer looking to "refine" PS3 price Sony boss Howard Stringer has reiterated that the company understands consumers overwhelmingly would like the cost of the PS3 dropped, and said Sony is working on "refining" how far it can afford to drop the console's price.
According to his interview with the Financial Times, Stringer noted that "While people have not bought as many PlayStation 3s as it looks, it is no different from PS2 and PS1 in terms of percentage of sales...I think that the public would like the cost to be lower, there’s no question about that."

When the interviewer asked how much Sony could afford to cut the price, Stringer responded, "That’s what we’re studying at the moment; that’s what we’re trying to refine." Stringer also confided that the "refinement" would be done before Christmas and that he understood that the recent price cut of the Sony gaming handheld, PSP had sent sales "into an upward spiral".

"So I think PlayStation 3’s travails are usually solved by time. And it will have an instant gratification environment, not only in life but in the press as well as everything else. It’s a good story right now, 'Will PlayStation 3 get to Christmas?' And the answer is, of course it will get to Christmas."

Stringer also emphasized the fact that the system was not yet working at its full potential. "It takes a long time for producers, and more time because of the cost factor, to embrace the full bandwidth of PlayStation 3," he said.

"It’s only using 20 per cent of it right now. And producers will always wait to see how it’s going, and once they use the full bandwidth the games experience is stunning.
Stringer added.

Upcoming price drop before Christmas? Lets wait and see.


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18 user comments

115.6.2007 11:42

so how much is the price gonna drop by?
i bet it will be something like £10-20!
Damn SONY!

215.6.2007 15:19

Maybe a $50 drop. I think if they dropped it $100, that would be good. Dropping it down to $400 would be great but that would be too much to ask. lol

315.6.2007 15:40

they need to refine the price by 200 dollars for me to buy it. If bill gates refines the price of the 360 for christmas then sony will be screwed. And what are the sony executives thinking??? They need to secure EXCLUSIVE titles such as Ace Combat and Devil May Cry that are now making their to the Xbox. If they loose Metal Gear or Final Fantasy then it's game over for the playstation.

No offense buy I think sony really screwed up this time. I owned the PS2 and the PS1, but if they don't get their shit together then I will buy a xbox 360.

They got too cocky with the ps2. It made their heads too big.

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415.6.2007 16:34

Didn't Sony say they are already loosing money on the system just a few weeks ago? They have to make up their minds! If I were a big shot CEO and my company was loosing money I definately wouldn't be offering up myself to loose more. They have shareholders to answer to.

515.6.2007 16:34

No offense buy I think sony really screwed up this time. I owned the PS2 and the PS1, but if they don't get their shit together then I will buy a xbox 360.
then by all means go buy a Xbox 360. your not going to hurt anyones feelings if you do.

615.6.2007 17:57

ps3 will succeed no matter what.the price will go down and the power of ps2 will be unleashed!

715.6.2007 18:27

I think that the public would like the cost to be lower, there’s no question about that."
WoW,no $h1t long did it take to figure that out?

815.6.2007 21:30

Microsoft is waiting on Sony to drop their price before proceeding with their own price reduction. Sony will drop the PS3's price by $50-$100, followed by Microsoft dropping theirs by the same amount. Microsoft is comfortable where they currently are in the market, they're just waiting on their oponents to make the first move before moving themselfs. Microsoft is definately due for a price drop soon they've been out for 19months...that's a long time without having some type of price reduction.

916.6.2007 3:24

Remember though that the 360 was also beign sold at roughly the same loss as the ps3 is now. Peopel actually forget that M$ are only jsut starting to make a profit on each 360 sold.

Totally agree with what M$ are doign though, they know that if nothing changes they will win, they are waiting to see if Sony are goign to do anythign and by how much they wouldn't want to drop it by $50 and Sony then go and drop it by $100. Then it looks like Sony are being ncier to the comsumer. M$ are waiting for Sony to rpice drop, then they will drop by more then Sony did, then Sony would be fucked and out of the consol race, then it would be between the 360 and wii. Which personally i think we can all get both, because they both offer unique gaming experiances. PS3's are gonna be remmebers as the fat black brick which u could fry and egg on and watch movies on a formate which might not win the formate war!

Sony has sadly lost the plot, they should have realised from last time, that the ps2 was v.expensive, but everyoen bought it because it was GTA3 or a GC. I knwo what we'd all pick. Now taht Sony have serious competition and lacking in ideas, they turn to unfufillable promises like always.

Another question I ask you, woudl you rather play a N64 or a ps1 at this current time. Because frankly lots of ppl have N64s and play them still, ps1's who cares. The same thing will happen with the PS2 and the GC over time. Sony onyl had the exclusives, because they couldn't be on GC and when xbox came out, it wasn't rele proffitable for companys to amke it for xbox aswell. Now companies have a choice, they choose the one which helps them the most, and helsp with advertising and distributing the game. M$ does it all take GoW M$ did all the advertising for it!

Another thing the top two designers at Square enix have gone to M$, we shall see if the FF series keeps its orginallity and amazing game play now. Persoanlly i think a consol being supported by 2 exclusive games alone is very very very sad, and it definalty need more exclusive, which wont happen. Bet Sony wished they still had GTA4 and Assasins Creed, sadly they told the game designers we don't care if u go mulit plat! WHAT IDIOTS!

1016.6.2007 4:50

I wont comment to much on this but Sony does need to make a good and signification drop on their console to reach old PS fans. They have went far and beyond with their cost. I still believe a lot of people are traumatized by the fact that the price is high and oh there arent many games. So i will some this up yes Sony does need to get more games but i seriously believe by Sept that will be changing drastically. Keyword [b]Patients[b/]........

PS remember it took the 360 over a year to put out good enough games.

1116.6.2007 4:54

Oh and before one of yall start that fanboy BS. Because there are other systems out that is the only reason a great majority of people got all the negative things to say towards Sony. Also I like all 3 system to a point but because Sony always had all the games i liked they are currently lagging which I am giving them to the end of the year to show me they still going to produce like i know they can. Oh and the price drop would be nice.

1216.6.2007 6:22

Originally posted by spydah:
Keyword [b]Patients[b/]........
- ....what as in they need a bunch of psychiatric 'patients' before they see sales rise!?

Maybe a little 'patience' as you type would be better for you tho, eh?

:P ;) :D

1316.6.2007 9:28

The price wouldnt have been half bad if Sony had come out fighting with some kick ass RPGs. Look at how many great rpgs are for the ps2. I would have loved to see Dark Cloud 3, Eternal Sonata, Ico 2, FF7 Remake on the ps3 as its more than capable of handling those games..but Sony in their infinite arrogance decided to release a melon without any good rpgs at all and just let everyone play...Riiiidge Racer! How fun.

Who wants to pay 600 for that?!

1416.6.2007 10:05

Originally posted by spydah:
Keyword [b]Patients[b/]........
- ....what as in they need a bunch of psychiatric 'patients' before they see sales rise!?

Maybe a little 'patience' as you type would be better for you tho, eh?

:P ;) :D

I know i did that just was to lazy to fix it:}

1517.6.2007 21:59

20 per cent of its full potential hahahahahahahahahahahaha

1621.6.2007 15:32

I went to the shops yesterday and priced the ps3 and the Nintendo Wii and both of them need to drop prices before i have a look at them. The wii was $A499 and the ps3 is $A1000 The Wii needs to cut the costs by at least $100 and the PS3 needs too loose 50% of the cost.

1721.6.2007 15:55

when the ps3 first came out it was 660$ cdn now its 699$ cdn
they need to lower the price by a couple hundred if they want to compete

1821.6.2007 15:58

there's a deal in ebgames where you trade in 6 games(they have to be 2007)and you get ps3 for 399 cdn.thats still kind of a rip off!


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