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Report: 520,000 iPhones sold

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Jul 2007 15:20 User comments (7)

Report: 520,000 iPhones sold Although they declined to give a specific number, AT&T announced that over the weekend they had sold half of their complete stock of iPhones while Apple Stores sold just as well.
Reports from analysts around the country have put the 3-day sales at 520,000 with the highest concentration of sales coming from stores in the western US. Major cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami completely depleted their stocks.

Many reports also indicated that Apple Stores had much larger stock than AT&T stores but that AT&T was offering "direct fulfillment" ordering options to those that waited on line but could not get one. Those orders would take precedent over replenishing stores' diminished stock.


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7 user comments

12.7.2007 15:34

who didn't see this coming

22.7.2007 15:43

I see them selling on Ebay for $1300.00.Why would you buy them from Ebay for that much,when you can go to Apple And buy them for $699.00?

I just dont get it?

But this Gadget looks great,it needs more GB's.If i had the money right now,i would own one.

32.7.2007 15:59

Why waste that much when you can get this revolutionary phone,truly one of a kind;).Check out this video

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42.7.2007 17:23

Nothing major your typical speal about how they are dealing with the demand and the limited supply they have left. Patience is what is needed here.

52.7.2007 20:12

You know what was weird...I went to see Transformers tonight and guess what was sitting next to me...this dude with his Iphone...he thought it was the greatest thing since sliced he was showing me all the stuff it could do...for a minuter there, I swore he was acting like vanna white! :P

62.7.2007 20:41

I WANT ONEEEE!, it looks so sweet, truly revolutionary

I'm gonna have to wait till the iPhone gets a price drop and joins other cellphone companies

76.7.2007 17:02

Rush Limbaugh is giving away 8 free 8gig iPhones AND a check for lke 1500.00 to cover the expense of the signup. I want a cell for phoning not for all that other stuff. Too rich for my blood even tho a long time mac user. (like pc's however)

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