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Samsung calls lawyers over Panasonic plasma claims

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Jul 2007 19:25 User comments (6)

Samsung calls lawyers over Panasonic plasma claims Samsung has called in its legal team in Australia after Panasonic ran an advertising campaign claiming that most consumers preferred Plasma TVs to LCD TVs while viewing both together. Samsung, which sells both plasma TVs and LCD TVs, is not alone in challenging the Panasonic claims; Sony also issued an open letter to retailers after taking legal advice over the campaign.
Sony claimed that the Panasonic campaign is actually confusing the market. Samsung lawyers have warned Panasonic in a letter that its campaign may be in breach Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act because material aspects of the campaign do not accurately reflect the facts about LCD.

"While we support consumer choice of the two formats, both of which have their merits, and we support the use of clever advertising campaigns, we feel it is incumbent upon advertisers to ensure their advertisements accurately reflect the facts. Our lawyers have written to Panasonic to address our concerns and to ask for the research methodology," Samsung Corporate Marketing Manager Kurt Jovais said.

Panasonic has deleted and changed some of the claims published on its website in response.



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6 user comments

13.7.2007 15:01

LCD and plasma are both going to die in the next 5-10 years with SED and a whole bunch more coming to market eventually, but seeing that pamphlet in my mail did annoy me, so did the dork athlete they used to advertise in it.

23.7.2007 16:24

I thought it was SHD?

I like LCDs better then Plasmas. Cheaper too.

33.7.2007 16:29

lol 5-10 years is a long time... i think pretty mutch any teknology we have will be replaced in time. 10years for monitor/tv is pretty good age if you think about it. if you compare two tvīs and other is 10 yrs older than other i bet you wont want to watch anything on the older one if you can watch it on the newer one.

I would prefer 1900x widescreen samsung over anyplasma i have seen. 40" lcd isnīt that expensive anymore and if you buy new one after 10 years of lcd you buy to day it aint that big hit on you wallet. You can have 40" samsung for 1400€-1600€ it is only 140-160€ in a year for luxury of watching tv from big lcd. Here in finland we have to pay anualy 250€ to tv station called yle even if you only want to watch other channels... weird eh =) ? So what am i saying is that the competition for this generation teknology is very tough. Nearly everyone i know has went from crt to lcd but plasma aint that bad it is just that many think lcd has sharper image. Panasonic is just trying to manipulate consumers to think plasma is better.

Nobody who has a job really cares if there is going to be new and better tv in 10 years... what i understand sed has run trouble with patents and it is still very hard to manufacture in big quanties. Well it aint yet no dukenukem forever but it seems to be gomming one. If you always think like "i wont buy there is going to be better version of current hw next year" you will never buy anything because there is always going to be better hw. What i have heard 40" sed monitors manufacturing cost is 100€.. so why not buy lcd/plasma now and later on that cheap sub 200€ tv?

43.7.2007 17:21

Personally I'm prepared to "put up" with CRT as long as it takes for the next big revolution. If you can call it putting up. Black doesn't get any blacker than on a CRT (as opposed to LCD claiming their blacks are great), no contest in terms of price and picture quality doesn't suffer as much from varying resolution input. So they're a bit bigger and power hungry. All the more reason for a nice big living room and a nice big TV cabinet to hold DVDs etc.

54.7.2007 1:17

I feel if the individual is dumb enough to just base their choice on what the TV ad says they deserve the crap product they get. (no offense to anyone here) Always do some window shopping and make sure u ask all the questions you want and if a sales person is pushy towards you there must be a reason behind it i fel if they try something like that there could b a few meanings:

1. They are trying to get rid of the stock because a better product is coming.

2. The product is crappy and they want to get rid of it cause they are not bringing any more of the same stock.

2. The sales person will try to sell you any crapp cause they haven't got any commission lately :)

66.7.2007 16:13

Who gives a rat's @$$ what whoever said was more popular???

Why would anyone care enough to lift a phone for that?

Hey, I've just completed some research that proves Arsenic is more popular than stricnine! Everyone go buy a bunch of Arsenic now!

Anyone who based their $1K TV purchase on what they HEARD their neighbor bought is a total moron with more dollars than sense, and deserves whatever piece of crap TV he ended up with.


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