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LCD prices to fall 25% this year says Sharp

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Aug 2007 19:08 User comments (10)

LCD prices to fall 25% this year says Sharp Sharp, one of the largest makers of LCD TVs has forecasted that over the next year, the average price of the TVs will drop 25% as competition continues to rise.
Toshihiko Hirobe, the deputy general manager of Sharp's LCD business said "The price of LCD TVs in the 40-inch category, currently about $2,600 to $2,700, will fall to less than $2,000 by the end of this year...Prices for 30-inch models are hitting bottom."

According to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., shipments of LCDs will outpace similar plasma models five-to-one for the year.

"In Japan, the competition is almost over, with the LCD industry the winner," Hirobe said from the company's newest factory, "In the U.S., full high-definition LCD TVs will gain a big market share and there will be no room for plasma TVs."

Lehman also reported that shipments of LCD TVs should surge 76 percent to 74 million units this year.

This is certainly interesting news for those looking forward to buying a new LCD TV soon. Maybe waiting will pay off in the long run.


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10 user comments

14.8.2007 19:20

yeah they gotta lower prices for LCDs cause pretty soon the LED displays are going to come out with far superior color and sharpness, so I'm sure they will be pretty pricey...

24.8.2007 22:05

All those LCD TV's should cost at least half of what they cost now since they are all made in fing asia (not you japan) by cheaply paid workers.

Can I Please get something that is not made in china!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that too hard to ask.

35.8.2007 10:04

We as consumers are the reason that products are made in China/Taiwan, India, South America, etc. We constantly want a less expensive product, and the only way for companies to easily lower prices is to have it manufactured by cheap labour in countries with very lax labour laws and extremely low wages. Unfortunately we made our bed, and now we have to lie in it.

djscoop is right. They've got to start to lower all their prices so that they can make room in the higher price-points for the new technologies debuting over the next year.

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45.8.2007 12:13

if you want something made somewhere other than china, and get slightly better quality, then why just go find one and pay triple what its worth.

just because its made inchina doesnt make it cheap. they manufacture every level of quality, you just complain because you find a cheap product and when it breaks you see it was made in china.

55.8.2007 18:58

about damn time.,........guess walmart is all it took..

65.8.2007 23:49

I don't see point of plasma since LCD Tvs are getting big.

76.8.2007 9:11

The gains on a plasma is the on large it has a better contast range and gives a more ture black, although this isnt always the case.

I belive the guy who was going on about LED displays, actually ment OLED which is the organic light emitting design where the photo or image producing layer actuall produces light as apposed to normal screen where the light is then generated by a rear plate sandwiched to the back.

However plasma produce more heat and last a little less than TFT's, but there was talk about prices of TFTS going back up recently... so this new article appears a little contradictory, anyway if tft's get any cheaper no ones going to want a oled screen when tft is going to be prices sooooo cheap, who cares its half the thickness, produces less heat and uses less power.

When the price between the two is going to be far apart.

86.8.2007 14:45

um not quote sure what it was I was "going on" about, but I did mean LED, not OLED. Organic LED displays are a form of LED, the new organic ones are manufactured on thin and flexible surfaces that can more easily be molded into television and computer screens. but they're still just LEDs, just manufactured by a different process

96.8.2007 14:51

But mate, isnt all the existing technology Thin Film Transistor Driven screens use two layers, the tri LED illumination with the LCD giving the contrast control on the above layer...

The new screen are OLED, SED or LASER, OLED does not necisarly mean its flexible.

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1011.8.2007 14:47

I love any article that mentions lower prices. Well done SHARP.

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