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LaCie launches 5TB SATA RAID for video professionals

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Aug 2007 18:39 User comments (7)

LaCie launches 5TB SATA RAID for video professionals In late July, LaCie announced the 5TB Biggest S2S 5-disk RAID designed for digital content creation applications. Using eSATA 3Gbit/s interface and direct eSATA-to-SATA connection, a single LaCie Biggest S2S is capable of reaching burst transfer rates of over 200MB/s. For advanced professionals, up to four S2S units can be connected on the included eSATA PCI-X/Express Card to achieve a massive 20TB solution with a burst speed of over 600MB/s.
Disks are hot-swappable for instant expandability and the solution is hot-pluggable so there is no need to power down the computer. Advanced features include the ability to customize email alerts in the event of disk failure and to create unique RAID sets to fit different needs. "LaCie Biggest S2S 5TB is probably the most cost-efficient solution for HD/SD video editing and post-production," said Olivier Mirloup, LaCie Hard Disk Drive Business Unit Manager.

Mirloup continued: "It offers fast performance and data integrity in a single unit up to 5TB. In RAID 0, the ultra-fast eSATA interface offers enough speed to edit hours of 10-bit HD uncompressed or play back up to six 8-bit SD video streams. This can even be drastically improved combining several S2S units, revolutionizing a market driven so far by much less cost-effective solutions, such as SCSI/fiber technologies."

LaCie Biggest S2S comes with a 4-port PCI card for immediate use. Users can select the LaCie SATA II 3Gbits/s PCI-Express Card 4E or LaCie SATA II 3Gbits/s PCI-X Card 4E with four ports and a native x8 host bus interface. Thanks to port multiplication, all five disks are connected to a single port on the LaCie SATA II 3Gbits/s PCI-Express Card 4E. The LaCie Biggest S2S 5TB is available late-August at the suggested retail prices of $3,699 (with PCI-X Card) and $3,799 (with PCI-E Card).

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7 user comments

117.8.2007 6:15

Yeah, that is what I need to store all of the random stuff that I download...

217.8.2007 21:57

get two of them and then run a dual-layered RAID on the RAID. Hmmm, now that might be a nice mess.

317.8.2007 21:58

Thats awesome. I should get that so I can still all my incriminating evidence all on one portable device.

419.8.2007 16:54

You can put this together cheaper with better drives by buying your own box and buying the drives you like to put in them. So no, this is not the most cost effective.

521.8.2007 21:02

Well for that price i dont need a terabyte yet and i can get two smaller hard drives for cheaper that can add up to a TB.

622.8.2007 0:42

well i have a SATAII 400GB + 250GB PATA, plus an external 250PATA. Not sure what do do with the SATA 150GB - hey and all the little baby 10' 20, 30GB.

The thing will be having a small/medium drive on the main machine and 2 other machines and several large drives in PATA and SATA external boxes.

The firewall gets its own 1.4GB.

Except there is that bloke called Murphy who reckons that no matter how many carspaces there are there will always be than enough cars to fill them.

With power supplies getting bigger, hard drives holding more and computers getting smaller with sub-mini (pica) it's going to be a matter of, "Hold on i have dropped my computer in the power supply and can't seem to find it."

722.8.2007 12:11

Originally posted by Tashammer:
"Hold on i have dropped my computer in the power supply and can't seem to find it."

Doesnt expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected and therefore mean youre expecting the expected which was the unexpected until you expected it?
"Opinions are immunities to being told were wrong." - Relient K

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