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New guide series on Afterdawn

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 15 Aug 2007 21:16 User comments (5)

New guide series on Afterdawn Today I'm posting the first in a series of guides for creating DVDs. The project involves creating a DVD using public domain video files and a combination of free, trial, and on occasion low cost commercial tools. Instructions will be given for both PAL and NTSC DVDs.
Some of you may have seen this previously when I inadvertantly published it in place of my CCE Basic guide. If you were looking for my CCE guide I apologize. It's also up now so you can finally read it.

You can find the guide, titled Basic DVD Authoring Project Part 1, at

Deciphering CCE Basic is finally at the correct link as promised previously.

More guides for DVD authoring and more can be found in our guides section.

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5 user comments

115.8.2007 22:24

Good work as usual. Keep it up.

217.8.2007 14:36

lol, I remember reading the CCE Basic guide when it was first posted and asking myself "this is the cce guide?". Glad you got it worked out vurbal, I am in the process of reading the true CCE Basic guide and liket the dvd authoring guide it is top-notch. Thanks for these great guides :)

318.8.2007 10:56

I started out on the guide and after reading the first two sections, I staarted downloading the various files that weer included in the Sources Section. Several of them could be downloaded but many just showed up as some sort of machine language or hex scrawl and would not download. The basic movie "39 Steps" also did this. Is there a reason for this?

419.8.2007 10:04

yh good work as usual lol keep it up!

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519.8.2007 20:53

Top stuff well done. This helps us out when dealing with newbie questions instead of writing out the steps they are already in the guide.

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