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Toshiba unleashes REGZA C3500 and RF350 LCDs

Written by Dave Horvath @ 20 Aug 2007 9:35 User comments (9)

Toshiba unleashes REGZA C3500 and RF350 LCDs Japanese electronics manufacturer, Toshiba continues its release party with the unveiling of two new LCD lines to please consumers wishing tot take the high-definition plunge. The two new lines of REGZA LCD televisions comprise of the C3500 and the RF350.
The RF350 is said by Toshiba to be "design minded" and comes in two flavors. The 40-inch retailing for 330,000 ($2,866) or the 46-inch which tips the scales at 390,000 ($3,388). The C3500 is tailored to a cheaper audience with its offerings of 26-inch priced at 150,000 ($1,303) and 32-inches 170,000 ($1,476) at 1366 x 768, or 37-inch 250,000 ($2,171) and 42-inches 300,000 ($2,606) at 1920 x 1080. Both sets sport a nice array of features.

The RF350 sports 1920x1080 Resolution, 2 HDMI, ethernet ports, 1080p / 60p / 24p, 2 S-video, 3 composite connections plus digital and optical audio ports. The C3500 doesn't skimp too much, and gives potential consumers features such as 1080p / 60p / 24p formats, 2 x HDMI jacks, ethernet, S-Video, composite and standard audio inputs and outputs.

Both of these sets can be expected to hit the market this September.


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9 user comments

120.8.2007 12:22

they look pretty nice, but i thought lcd prices were supposed to drop, a 40 inch for 2800?

220.8.2007 14:31

I thought the price was going down also. That $1500 for a 32" is pretty high for the low 720p picture. Just wait a few months then they will drop the price when very few sell.

320.8.2007 16:48

Odd what are the ethernet ports for?

420.8.2007 16:56

Sounds like for those of us who have waited, we will have plenty of options to choose from when we make the plunge to HD.

520.8.2007 16:58

yes, indeed unfocused. but the choice over price ratio is a bit demanding is it not

620.8.2007 17:15

ethernet ports to justify high price lol

720.8.2007 17:22

Al_he_79 im not one to bash or flame a person. But...
Mabey your right. LoL

822.8.2007 16:57


When all the new "standards" are finalized and put into place, then I'll look at HD. Until then, I have no desire to waste my money on something that may or may not be around.

It seems to me that new formats (SED etc.) are coming out by the month. Everything that currently exists gets better on steadily quickening cycle.

By the time there is one disc to rule them all, there should be no more surprises around the corner for late adopters.

922.8.2007 22:15

I like the models that were on the cheaper price range.

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