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Adobe adds hi-def tech to Flash Player

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2007 7:50 User comments (4)

Adobe adds hi-def tech to Flash Player Adobe has announce the addition of high definition video to the new version of its Flash Player, which is currently in beta testing.
The update, currently called Moviestar, may be an advance response to Microsoft's anticipated launch of its Silverlight product later this year. Earlier in the year Microsoft announced that Silverlight would support hi-def using the VC-1 codec for video and AAC audio.

AVC (H.264) and VC-1 are already competing in the Hi-Def player market with HD DVD and Blu-ray both supporting them. AVC is also gaining accpetance in the HD camcorder market.

Hopefully more competition between the two formats will ultimately lead to improvements in both.

Source: Information Week

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4 user comments

122.8.2007 14:35

Cool. So this means that to view all the high def formats on the web I will have to have this new Flash and Silverlight installed?

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222.8.2007 15:04

This should be interesting for youtube, and other flash video sharing websites.

325.8.2007 15:42

interesting for some and for others a nightmare...SONY Playstation don't want to run any video plug related to Microsoft's on the PS3, but yet the PS3 supports Macromedia Flash (out of date plug-in, PS3 needs to update this one), And for the longest time Adobe hasn't release to Yellow Dog Linux any supported update on Macromedia Flash, Now ... what have to do the Sony Playstation to develop the PS3 as they promise to their consumers?

430.8.2007 4:35

Well Adobe is a great brand and makes some great products and this update is good to have.

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