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Indonesian anti-piracy raids lead to six arrests

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2007 17:46 User comments (7)

Indonesian anti-piracy raids lead to six arrests Indonesian police and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry's (IFPI) anti-piracy experts raided a pirate music factory on Thursday and found a large quantity of counterfeit discs and manufacturing equipment. The raid followed on from swoops on two earlier pirate manufacturing sites in July. A preliminary investigation of the production records has revealed that the plant was replicating in excess of 110,000 discs per day over the last two months.
Among the items seized were seven manufacturing lines, 125 stampers, none of which were marked with the required mould codes, as well as 40,000 pirate music CDs. The plant owners had failed to register a number of the replication lines as required under Indonesian law and had placed a substance on the mould surfaces to prevent the transfer of SID codes to the optical discs.

Six employees were arrested by the police and will now face prosecution. The authorities decommissioned all seven pressing lines and removed all production records for examination.Investigators followed up the raid by seizing a goods vehicle that had been used to deliver the pirate discs to market. They found an additional 40,000 copyright infringing CDs.

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7 user comments

122.8.2007 23:07

Where are these people buying their blanks from? Are no flags raised or questions asked when somebody orders 10,000 blanks? I always feel like the clerk at Office Depot is going to look at me funny if I buy a spindle of 100 blanks.

222.8.2007 23:50

if you are worried about what you buy at the store, and maby get a funny look from the checker, just buy your disks on line that way you won't get the funny looks right? well what would you do if you needed to buy some condoms from the store, you know that they would look at you funny cuse they know what you are up to right?

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323.8.2007 1:35

early august 2007 ALL PC store and Gamestore on one town in indonesia CLOSED

about on the 2nd week of august, a few PC store arrested by police,

on 18 August, all pc store, game store back open lol

no one can stop piracy in indonesia, for now.
every single indonesia people Use pirated material. you can buy pirated windows, buy pirated games music on shopping mall.

they clearly, sell pirated material. but the police do nothing to them, and when police will do 'sudden raid' the stores already closed.

the police itself leaked the 'sudden raid' date to the pirate.

indonesia will never free from piracy until the police do what they shuld do.

btw, try sometime watch "snapshot" on metrotv (its tv avalaible online too, cant remember the web sorry) its in indonesia, so if you dont understand bahasa indonesia, err, no ned to watch it lol

423.8.2007 7:07

i dont see the point in pirated DVD/CDs, i just watch um online their r so many websites to watch on my fav and if u wana download them jus use p2p

524.8.2007 15:56


But I can't pay cash online. I still get a little paranoid buying 100 or 200 blank discs. Granted, I do go through a good number of them with the DVD Recorder (DVR output to DVD Recorder) and I do have a lot of family out of state that I send pictures and video of my daughter to, but a few them of them go towards "unauthorized" uses.

As far as condoms go, I've always had a buddy get them for me. He loves going in to the stores for this. He waits for the dirty look and starts painting a vivid picture to the clerk. Funny stuff.

626.8.2007 1:26

Unfocused how many friends do you have? you could get a few of your friends to buy you a couple of spindels thain you would not have the hassle of guilty fealings when standing in line to pay for the disks, that was easy

731.8.2007 3:33

This is probably just something for the news services to have something to report but i have a feeling that just because they get this one group its not going to stop piracy in Indonesia.

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