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Europe finally gets iPhone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2007 13:29 User comments (7)

Europe finally gets iPhone According to the Financial Times, Apple has finally secured revenue sharing deals that will bring the iPhone to Europe.
Three service providers have signed the deals, T-Mobile in Germany, Orange in France, and O2 in the UK.

The deals mean Apple will receive a large 10 percent cut of all revenue "from calls and data transferred through the phones." Although it is not known how long these exclusivity deals will last, it should prove to be as long as AT&T's deal in the US, but could be as short as two years.

The new revenue sharing deal is almost unheard of in the mobile phone business as usually manufacturers get little to no cut of any revenue made from use of their phones.

For 2007, Germany, France and the UK will be the only European countries to receive the iPhone but Apple has said that they will be expanding to other parts of Europe and Asia next year.


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7 user comments

122.8.2007 15:23

gd for europe

222.8.2007 15:54

I'm just overflowing with excitment. NOT!

322.8.2007 16:15

The iphone in europe will be sold as unlocked like the rest of the phones sold there?

422.8.2007 19:23

NEWSFLASH!!!!!! Iphone SuCkS

522.8.2007 19:41

somebody asked me, "why don't we put 'the' before iPhone" then i told them, "do u ever put 'the' in front of god?"

i kind of ripped that off of "The Good Shepherd"

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623.8.2007 11:54

LOL the case about the wordage of 'THE' should actually show that it should be THE Iphone...

While it is true you don't say "The God"

You DO however say "THE Devil"

But then one man's deity is another man's idol...

I wonder if Jobs is offering 70 Virgins in heaven to every Apple Fanboy... that could explain A LOT!



731.8.2007 3:25

This is nothing new i am just waiting for it to hit Australia and it will be like everywhere else just going to be bombarded with so much publicity for something that will eventually be obselete and over rated.

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