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Fujitsu launches Full HD H.264 transcoder LSI

Written by James Delahunty @ 23 Aug 2007 6:39 User comments (3)

Fujitsu launches Full HD H.264 transcoder LSI Fujitsu Limited has the development and launch of a new transcoder large-scaled integrated (LSI) chip that is able to convert full HD (1920 x 1080) MPEG-2 video data to H.264 / AVC data and compress data size to less than one-half that of MPEG-2. This new transcoder makes it possible to extend recording time of recording devices such as hard disk recorders by over 2.5 times, as the chip enables data size compression without compromising video quality.
The transcoder can also be embedded in a multitude of equipment requiring reduction of data size, and can realize full HD over narrower bandwidths used for home network, the use of which is anticipated to spread hereafter. Digital terrestrial broadcasts and digital satellite broadcasts use data compressed into the MPEG-2 format. Because MPEG-2 format video is high-resolution, if the video is recorded as it is without compression, to storage media such as hard disks, the data volume is extremely high and thereby causes the problem of significantly limited recording time.

Focusing on such issues, Fujitsu developed this MB86H52 transcoder LSI that converts MPEG-2 format video data to the H.264 format, which features a higher compression rate. Functionality of this new transcoder is based on the video processing technology of Fujitsu's full HD H.264 codec LSI product, MB86H51, currently being shipped. Utilizing proprietary high quality video technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, the quality of the input MPEG-2 video data can be maintained when transcoded to H.264 format.

Sample shipments of the new chip, the MB86H52, will start from September 1, 2007 and will be exhibited at i-SEDEX 2007, to be held in Seoul, Korea from September 18-20.

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3 user comments

124.8.2007 04:47

what if this chip implemented on cellphone..

cellphone that can record video and realtime transcode (save) it in full hd h264

224.8.2007 08:07

I bet those 1.3M Pixel cell phones would work really well with an HD chip, smoke another one please. Buy a real camcorder if you want quality recordings in HD with 3 CCD's or more. Neat idea just a little over the top.

This is really a slick chip I wonder if they are using MPEG4 compression or if they have a proprietary format they are using. It's pretty cool how they can incorporate so much into such a small package these days via LSI and the thinner chip masks developed.

331.8.2007 14:21

Compression is always good when it comes to videos, however if the compression does not effect the video quality only then will it be worth the investment.

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