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Pentax launches seventh DivX certified digital camera

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2007 18:51 User comments (4)

Pentax launches seventh DivX certified digital camera PENTAX Imaging Company and DivX Inc. announced today the DivX certification of the PENTAX Optio S10, the innovative imaging company's seventh DivX certified digital camera. The Optio S10 records video natively in the high-quality DivX format, enabling users to playback their videos on a wide-variety of DivX Certified devices from major manufacturers, including DVD players, portable devices and more.
"Consumers have consistently demonstrated that the ability to capture high-quality video is an important feature and partnering with DivX has given us the opportunity to offer that in a unique way," said John Carlson, Product Manager at PENTAX Imaging Company. "We are excited to continue our work with the DivX team in releasing our seventh DivX Certified digital camera."

The Optio S10 makes it easy for users to create and share their own high-quality media. With the push of a button on a palm-sized digital camera, users can instantly record high-quality DivX video and easily upload their files to, a popular online video community powered by DivX technology. Due to the efficiency of the DivX format, the Optio S10 also enables consumers to record up to an hour of high-quality DivX video on a 1GB media card.

"PENTAX is leading the way in offering DivX Certified digital still cameras to users," said Kevin Hell, Acting CEO of DivX, Inc. "The Optio S10 will enable consumers to easily capture high-quality video that can be played back on any of the over 100 million DivX Certified devices on the market today." The DivX Certified PENTAX Optio S10 digital camera will be available in September at retail stores worldwide. Suggested retail price is USD 249.95.

Products that bear the "DivX Certified" logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure a high-quality DivX media experience, including reliable video creation and playback, interoperability with other DivX Certified devices and the visual quality users expect from DivX.

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4 user comments

124.8.2007 4:43

so what resoloution and what fps this cam record?
DivX is good, especialy if the cam can record in 640x380 :D

btw, 1st comment, YAY! lol

224.8.2007 7:37

WOW, this is so cool! Since people are limited to 1 gb 2gb and so on memory sticks it makes sense to have a nicer compression than what they give you. Now you can compress in realtime and don't have to post production the compression. Great Job!

325.8.2007 3:59

Spec can be found here:

Actually it does 640x480 at 30 fps.

I think divx should try and do is work with someone to produce the first 1080p divx video recording device.

The main problem with new HD video recording devices is stroage, divx would address this, you would get loads more record time.

431.8.2007 14:25

It will be a great product with Pentax and DivX. If the video will be compressed to 500 to 700 megs this will be great on a hard drive camcorder of say 30-40 gigs.

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