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Google rethinks video refunds

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2007 6:13 User comments (5)

Google rethinks video refunds Google has decided to offer real refunds to Google Video users who are losing movies they thought they owned until the Download To Own service shut down earlier this month.
The change of heart is the result of customer complaints after the search giant announced that was not only shutting down the service, but was compensating those who are losing access to their videos by giving them Google Checkout credits instead of money.

Since Google Checkout only works with a small number of online shops, most of their customers didn't find this to be a fair exchange.

"When your friends and well-intentioned acquaintances tell you that you've made a mistake, it's good to listen," Bindu Reddy, Google's video product manager, said on the company's official blog.

Google also is extending through February 2008 the ability to view video already purchased, although it has stopped letting people buy new ones. Before, the video would have expired Aug. 15.

Company spokesman Gabriel Stricker would not say how much the refunds would cost, but said they won't materially affect the company's finances. He also described the number of complaints as "limited."

Source: Associated Press

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5 user comments

123.8.2007 6:18

At least they have enough sense to admit when they were wrong. Can users who have purchased video at least download them so they can watch them anytime?

224.8.2007 14:57

it's still crappy that they're only giving back credit. Just give the people their freakin money.

324.8.2007 14:58

Originally posted by Unfocused:
Can users who have purchased video at least download them so they can watch them anytime?
Possible they can, but Google is only intending to make them available for online viewing for the next six months, and no allowed viewing after that is planned.

Google has already given a refund for videos as Google Checkout credit, and now, on top of that, customers may request a refund to a credit card (and keep the credit in Google Checkout also).

425.8.2007 5:11

Unfocused, I understand your point my friend, but technically they are not[/i] admitting that they were [b]wrong ..

They are however, admitting that they know 'they couldn't get away with it' .. :D

Procode ..

531.8.2007 3:59

This is always good to see that Google had the sense to make this as smooth as possible.

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