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Philips developing smart PVR system

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2007 18:41 User comments (2)

Philips developing smart PVR system Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV is developing a personalized video recorder application that automatically learns a viewers' preferences and creates a channel based on them. The company is showing of a prototype application at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. The application, which is intended for use with a PC or in a set-top box, could eventually compete with the offerings from TiVo Inc.
The best new feature that Philips is developing, is the system's ability to monitor a user's viewing habits and create personalized channels, using an algorithm developed by the company itself. "The set-up is really easy," said Jeroen Cappendijk, business development manager of Philips' Personal TV Channel product. "You just create a channel and select a program. The system monitors your zapping habits and automatically refines your channel."

The software will also perform the intelligent feature for multiple users in the same household. TiVo has a similar system called TiVo Suggestions, but it requires that a user mark programs it likes and it determines other shows they might like based on those tastes, like many retail websites that make suggestions based on your purchase history.

Another function that makes this application look good is a "unified content" function, that combines both TV content with Internet video such as that from YouTube and other sources. A PC version of the software will be available next year as a free download for users running Windows Vista, with Philips hoping to make its money through its personalized advertising capability.

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2 user comments

15.9.2007 8:22

I'll stick to browsing on my own. Don't want no device tracking my viewing habits. Is it just me who sees this constant push to infiltrate our living rooms? This PVR will probably have an ethernet port that is required to be hooked up in order to use. I don't want software to track my habits. Why not? Because I don't! Do I need a reason? What if I become a witness in a criminal or civil case? Is the prosecution or defense going to use my viewing habits to challenge my credibility? Is my PVR going to be taken as evidence to show that based on the TV I watch and at what times I watch, I'm probably disposed to a certain type of behavior? The new definition for privacy in the dictionary will be "an ancient practice that became obsolete as big corporations found new ways to make money."

I can see it now - Minority Report will be a reality.

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210.9.2007 15:54

They make good products i would gather this would be a good device. However i dont need this.

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