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Microsoft Silverlight to be released today

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2007 6:11 User comments (10)

Microsoft Silverlight to be released today Today Microsoft will be releasing Silverlight 1.0. Silverlight is the web video plug-in they hope will compete with Adobe's Flash.
"We're finally shipping the plug-in," said Parimal Desphande, group product manager for the User Experience Platform and Tools team at Microsoft

They're also planning to participate in a Novell project to port Sliverlight to Linux. Moonlight 1.0, as the project has been dubbed, should be done within six months according to Miguel de Icaza, vice president of the developer platform at Novell.

"We will be distributing Moonlight for all the major distributions and provide both packages in RPM and DEB [distribution] forms as well as having a Mozilla-based installer for those not familiar with the packaging system in Linux," de Icaza said.

An upgrade to version 1.1 is already in the works for the fledgling software. While the initial 1.0 release focuses on delivering content to the user's computer, the next release is expected to include more interactive features and .NET development.

According to Desphande, the list of Silverlight supporters includes World Wrestling Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight,, and the Home Shopping Network.

Just last month, Flash maker Adobe released a new version of that software that supports high definition video.

Source: InfoWorld

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10 user comments

15.9.2007 8:04

So, this really wont effect the end user in any way as long as it is installed?

25.9.2007 8:09

Microsoft wants to monopolize yet ANOTHER part of our lives.
Hell with them. I support Adobe.

35.9.2007 8:25

Just one more thing they can screw up. They are also looking at stealing VMWares code secrets to try to take that market piece as well. Why would Novell/Susie work with MS didn't Novell learn their lesson with Netware and what is now MS Active Directory plus-plus.

Since so many Web providers are already using this great new tool it should just take off, NOT.

45.9.2007 11:28

I am in full support of Adobe products, ever since they bought Macromedia they have been a powerhouse for designers. I cant see this new Micro$oft plugin be used by many web designers. It took a while to get people to install Acrobat and Flash, now that they are mainstream I cant see asking people to install another plugin for web content. The only up side might be including this plugin with windows update. I am curious to see the compression quality.

55.9.2007 13:36

A lot of people will use it, it is based on a compact .NET framework and AJAX. I've been solely using Linux for a while now (and haven't looked back), and a lot of things can be said about MS business ethics in general, but their development software is second to none, their .NET specifications are standardized and open to allow others to implement (such as the Mono/Moonlight project on Linux), and the Express Editions are excellent.

66.9.2007 10:54

Yet another 'me too' product.

76.9.2007 15:56

To all at Microsoft.

Kepp your filthy little money filled dirty hands off Linux !!!!!

I for one wont be using this no doubt sub-standard software. Just like when I dumped Vista for Liux Mint and never looked back !!!

Viva La Tux

87.9.2007 1:08

Adobe FTW!!!! ^^

97.9.2007 21:07

fast forward ten years... google owns everything.. they own adobe and they are about to kill microsoft.. microsoft cries and google wipes them out... :-)

Wishful thinking

1010.9.2007 16:15

great new inovations.

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