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Memorex offers Labelflash DVDs

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2007 19:16 User comments (11)

Memorex offers Labelflash DVDs Memorex has expanded its optical media products with the addition of Labelflash. LabelFlash DVD media enables the consumer to use this advanced technology to create custom high-resolution DVD disc designs. Using a labelflash-enabled drive and media, Consumers and prosumers alike can now create custom photo and video DVDs in sharp, deep blue, monochromatic designs.
"Labelflash is the elite solution for consumers and prosumers seeking to add finely detailed disc designs to their keepsake DVDs," said Carla Pihowich, director of marketing, Imation. "With Labelflash DVD-Rs, consumers have another solution to take their digital creations to a new level of design and personalization that can resist damage from smudges, scratches and the test of time."

Labelflash DVDs include a specialized dye layer which interacts with the laser in a Labelflash-enabled DVD drive to produce high resolution designs on the label side of a DVD. Simply burn data onto the disc, flip it over, and the Labelflash drive creates unique prints in varying shades of blue without a printer, labels or ink. Because the Labelflash dye layer is positioned below the polycarbonate disc surface, Memorex Labelflash DVD-Rs are highly durable and provide superior resistance to smudging and scratching

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11 user comments

112.9.2007 20:32

keepsake DVDs
Given my past experience with Memorex, this means that I can now put some nifty designs or logos on my coasters.

I forget who has this in their sig, but I laugh every time I see "Memorex, protecting coffee tables everywhere."

212.9.2007 20:45

Sounds like lightscribe to me just with a different name. Hope it's alot cheaper than lightscribe was when it first came out.

312.9.2007 20:50

Just found this from their web site.

Suggested retail pricing is $14.99 for a 10-pack of Memorex Labelflash DVD-R media.

412.9.2007 21:26

lightscribe anyone? :D

513.9.2007 6:20

Labelflash? KMON!!!!!

This totally sux. Monocomatic poopy images! You know they have full color in the works. How will these discs even work since most new computers are coming out with Lightscribe Technology. And look at the price! What a rip off.

In the age of high res HD content, you have this primitive one color disc labeling technology. Maybe Ill burn some of these discs to backup my DVD movies and then watch them on my 13 inch Black and White TV.

All you need is an Epson printer, some generic carts, and some blank media from supermediastore and you are set. I bet it comes out cheaper than the labelflash/lightscribe junk.

I think most people shy away from this because the inkjet printable media in retail stores is too expensive.

613.9.2007 8:31

Originally posted by DVDBack23:
lightscribe anyone? :D
lol...I would prefer blue over poop color. But it is Memorex......the only time I've burned a Memorex DVD was in my fireplace.

713.9.2007 23:43

the only time I've burned a Memorex DVD was in my fireplace.
I betcha it still didn't burn... probably just sat there, smelling like a piece of hot $hit. Memosux! LOL

814.9.2007 10:46

I guarantee you that 90 percent of these disc fail to burn in the image.

914.9.2007 17:45

That should explain it all. I personally would not go for any of their products.

1014.9.2007 20:57

For people like me there is no use for such media or the drives.

I strictly use RW media. I use erasable labels from LabelOnce.

As it is the RW media costs less than this so called Labelflash media. I buy 4.5 gb 4X dvd+rw for around US$ 1.15 each in individual case. If I want to permanently mark any media I simply use a different label. It also protects it.

1116.9.2007 11:03

hahaha emugamer, let me guess the fireplace gave an unspecified write error at 90% and the disk got ejected from the fire with only partial burn marks hahahha.

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