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Microsoft to debut second gen Zunes tomorrow

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Oct 2007 11:04 User comments (5)

Microsoft to debut second gen Zunes tomorrow According to sources within Microsoft, the company will be holding an event tomorrow to debut the new second generation line of Zune media players.
Both Bill Gates and J. Allard will be on hand for the event and the announcement should include the introduction of flash memory-based Zunes.

Although the Zune has a 10 percent share of the HDD based player segment, Microsoft hopes to take a bigger share of the more popular flash memory based segment.

Although it is not entirely known what the devices will look like, we do know the HDD-based Zune second gens will look the same as its first gen brother but be noticeably slimmer. The flash based players are said to look like the iPod Nano but with included Wi-Fi and higher storage capacity.

Microsoft hopes to manufacture 2.5 million second-gen Zunes with about 2/3 being of the flash based variety.

The players are expected to go on sale in mid-November.


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5 user comments

11.10.2007 13:47

nice the more the better

21.10.2007 13:51

No one is buying zunes Bill.

31.10.2007 13:58

Cool,hope they look better than the nano's.Now what do I get for my birthday an ipod or a zune........

41.10.2007 17:03

I wonder if they will up the hdd capacity? A 160 gb zune would be nice.

52.10.2007 23:30

Well i feel that it would really have to do with the extra features that the zune will have to come with.

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