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Sony unleashes OLED in December

Written by Dave Horvath @ 01 Oct 2007 10:12 User comments (7)

Sony unleashes OLED in December Trying to always improve upon existing designs, Sony has decided to officially launch its first Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) television screen in Japan on 1 December. Retailing for approximately 200,000 yen (850 or $725), the new OLED screen will measure a scant 11-inches in size but only 3-mm thick. Sony touts its new OLED screens as being more energy efficient, brighter than current LCD standards and do not require a backlight as current technology does, thereby saving space.
Although OLED is said to have a better contrast ratio, thereby giving sharper images than traditional LCD, they are more expensive and more difficult to produce in the sizes that are currently accepted as "the norm" with LCD standards.

Sony's president Ryoji Chubachi stated "I want this world's first OLED TV to be the symbol of the revival of Sony's technological prowess. I want this to be the flag under which we charge forward to turn the fortunes around."

Other companies such as Samsung are working on a 40-inch OLED television, but Sony is the first to bring one to market.

"I don't think OLED TVs will replace LCD TVs overnight. But I do believe this is a type of technology with very high potential, something that will come after LCD TVs," said Sony executive deputy president Katsumi Ihara.


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7 user comments

11.10.2007 11:13

new tech always good news

21.10.2007 13:33

Right it is!

31.10.2007 18:04

I cant wait to get a new 11" TV! That will look so great in HD. but then again it is only 3 mm thick so I can admire it from the side. What's the deal here?

41.10.2007 20:42

This is just Sony wanting to tout themselves as "First-to-market" with the technology since Samsung, Toshiba, and Matsushita already have full-sized T.V.'s in the works. Oh well, we the consumers are the ones that will benefit from the throw-down that'll happen between the giants.

52.10.2007 19:11

I have a new sony lcd tv screen and i have to say it is a great brand when it comes to TV's.

63.10.2007 16:46

This will be excellent for laptops, especially the Vaio SZ and TX series.

74.10.2007 20:10

As good as it is that they are producing a less energy intensive tv, 11 inches is pretty small. And for that much money, I could buy a decent sized HDTV.

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