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Joost 1.0 now available to the public

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2007 19:44 User comments (7)

Joost 1.0 now available to the public According to an official post on the company's website, Joost 1.0 is now available to the public, allowing all interested parties to download and run the service that had been in a private beta for the last couple months. For those not familiar, Joost 1.0 allows users to watch TV on their PCs for free as the service is paid for through ads.
“For us at Joost, we are exhausted, but excited. Many of us have put as much as two years of our lives into this little 'project,' and owe a great deal to our families for supporting us, to our friends for not ignoring us, and to all the beta testers who cheered us on and helped with ideas, feedback and lots of bug reporting," Joost said.

The service is still in beta, but now an open beta will allow Joost developers to quickly fix all bugs that are identified.

The service will be available for Windows XP and Vista as well as OS X 10.4.


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7 user comments

13.10.2007 13:00

Hmm, SpiralFrog, Joost... I wonder how many more little things will pop up offering free media through ads.

23.10.2007 17:13

Tried it,was'nt impressed with it.Picture was a 5 out of 10.It was just a gonna keep my eye on it.

34.10.2007 8:10

Veoh TV isn't bad and does pretty much the same. Plus you can download clips from Youtube and Google onto the viewer.

45.10.2007 2:15

TVU PLayer is one of the best that I know of, I'll try this 'joost' later though...

55.10.2007 16:31

WHY is it that even though I have WINDOWS XP , I keep getting told that JOOST only RUNs on XP or higher ? The program does not accept my OS ! Is this what the future holds?

69.10.2007 19:25

I may try this again. :)

716.10.2007 12:04

tried it but i cant get the damn thing to work, i get the coming up next screen but no video. tried turning off firewall and forwarding ports but still no video, and it seems i am not alone after a quick scan through their help forums. i hope they get it together cos it looks good if it would only work.

i like veohtv too quality aint great when playing through veoh but if you download shows to your hard drive and play them in vlc they are real good quality

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