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Rogers to bring iPhone to Canada?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Oct 2007 9:05 User comments (10)

Rogers to bring iPhone to Canada? According to Digital Journal, Rogers Wireless will be bringing the Apple iPhone to Canada in a few weeks.
Although not confirmed by Apple or Rogers, Canadian retailers are the sources behind the rumor. However, the price the retailers are citing is extremely high, $799 CAD.

If that price is true, it would be unbelievable to see the device sell well, considering the price is a $400 premium from American retailers.

More information when it becomes available.


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10 user comments

15.10.2007 9:57

That is retarded considering the Canadian dollar is worth more then the US dollar at the moment.

But there will still be a bunch of muppets waiting in line to get one.


25.10.2007 9:57

thats blasphemy! canadian dollar is almost 1:1 with USD. why should we suffer with prices close to double of what the usd is. im not paying 800 smacks. thats hurts my wallet.

35.10.2007 9:58

edit: double post

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45.10.2007 11:08

actually canadian dollar is worth more.this is retarded.

55.10.2007 13:04

this is messed with $800 you can buy a N95 and i whole lot of extra stuff as well

65.10.2007 14:34

Just buy a US iphone and put in a canadian sim card

75.10.2007 14:50

No not Rogers ;(

I hate Rogers with a passion! 40 cents a minute? Your breakin' my balls man!

86.10.2007 17:58

Might as well by yourself a HP pavillion with a SATA 120gig HDD and a AMD 3800+ x2 with a LCD monitor then a piece of white plastics and drabs. Thats one BAD steve job

99.10.2007 21:02

$799 CAD? retarded indeed.

has anyone else heard that some ppl that have unlocked the iphone from at&t and are currently using it on rogers have been receiving a $2000 charge on one of their first bills?

i have a friend that works for customer retention at the h.o. in vancouver, and he told me they've received about 20 calls.

it's unclear why exactly it's happening, but i will update once i know more. apparently, it happens after a few months.

1017.10.2007 2:06

After Canada i hope it comes down under i have been waiting ages. I just hope they have fixed all the glitches by then :)

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