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Apple reportedly planning iTunes HD

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2007 18:14 User comments (3)

Apple reportedly planning iTunes HD Apple Inc. is rumored (from a fairly credible source) to be planning an "iTunes HD" store to offer high-definition videos in an effort to boost uptake of its Apple TV device. The service would include a selection of the movies and TV shows currently available on the iTunes multimedia store with a higher resolution than the current offering of 640x480.
The resolution of 640x480 is supported by the iPod video models, the iPhone, and of course, the Apple TV, which uses a home network to bridge the gap between multimedia content stored on a PC and a proper television set. Apple is reportedly stockpiling its Apple TV in anticipation of a sales boost when the iTunes HD content becomes available.

The refreshed line-up of the iPod models last month also added a component cable which is technically able to output HD video if support was added through updates for the devices. Apple TV can output with resolutions up to 720p (higher need to be downgraded). If the iTunes HD rumors are true, the company is expected to announce it sometime before the end of the month.


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3 user comments

18.10.2007 6:55

Instead of going that route, why not instead increase the quality of the audio. For example, what if they offered unadulterated .wav files to the customer, with no DRM? If Apple implements this, I will use their service.

214.10.2007 20:47

It's just the "nature of the beast." Apple ventures and tries to capitalize at every possible thriving market out there.

318.10.2007 17:06

Well we all know this is all moving in the right direction because everything is moving in to HD technology we will just have to wait and see the practicality of it.

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