AfterDawn: Tech news servers upgraded, timezones added

Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 Oct 2007 7:31 User comments (21) servers upgraded, timezones added The day that we all (well at least many of us.. or some) have been waiting for ages has arrived -- the servers have been upgraded. Our old servers had been running at peak capacity for over six months now, and there was very little left to optimize. The new server setup that we switched over to today should dramatically improve response times across the site.
The switch may cause some oddities until DNS updates propagate to everyone. You might want to clear your browser cache and restart the browser to help speed up the change.

Along with the new servers we introduced individual timezone settings for the users. You can access the new user settings page at The timezone is set under Edit settings. Under the settings page you can also define whether or not you want to 1) subscribe to discussion threads by default and 2) use your signature in forum posts or news comments.

The server switch and timezone implementation may cause some weirdness during the transit period (e.g. forum posts showing up in wrong places).

For those interested in tech specs, here's a rough outline of our current setup:

Database backends: 2* Dell PowerEdge 1900 Dual Intel Xeon 5130, 8GB RAM, SAS RAID 10 array
Web backends:4* Dell PowerEdge 840 Conroe 3040, 1GB RAM, SATA
Statistics and static data:1* Dell PowerEdge 840 Conroe 3060, 4GB RAM, SATA discs
Advertisements:1* Dell PowerEdge 840 Conroe 3060, 4GB RAM, SATA RAID-1
Load balancing:Foundry ServerIron XL
Download servers:6* various configurations with various specifications
Off-site backup, development and versioning server

If you encounter any problems with the new servers please let me know by posting to this thread. staff

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21 user comments

112.10.2007 07:34

Nice!! very noticeable speed different already guys!

212.10.2007 08:54

im loving the new update ! Speed...speed..
ok well ..its alot better then it was before :)
props !

312.10.2007 09:27

congrats on the new hardware. And wow, I didn't know that many servers were used and spaced out like that.

EDIT- I see about the posts in wrong places part. This post here showed up before Svtstang's and should have appeared after.

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412.10.2007 09:33

Link to the details goes to a Tivo thread :/

I have also noticed a difference, nice :)


Ok link works now, those are some impressive server specs!

edit 2

You are right my friend, my last edit time was at 11:13, although the time by my screen name is 11:33. Time traveling is fun!

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512.10.2007 09:38


612.10.2007 09:51

Very quick response from the new servers, very nice indeed; have left a query in the other link.

712.10.2007 09:51

Sweet! This means more AD at work...So let's all go to work everyone!

812.10.2007 11:17

No problems logging on today- thats a big difference right there and I have high-speed cable. Good work AfterDawn!

912.10.2007 12:56

nice :)

1012.10.2007 13:22

Congrats on the new servers. I just have one query when i go to an article that is on the 4october it does not link me to the right article also sometimes it gives me a multiple choice page. Can some one shed some light to this issue.

1112.10.2007 18:08

I like the new My Account interface, its real organized the icons gives the page great appeal. It would be even better if the user profile page had more versatility.

1212.10.2007 18:18

I spammed in a thread by the Admins, i'm now in a dark room

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1312.10.2007 23:59

this is awesome..
great upgrade aD :)

1413.10.2007 06:11

From the news letter links getting errors for some of the page.

1513.10.2007 06:32

i think there are some problems tought cuz i couldn't open the page for a while earlier anyway just dropping that fact out

1613.10.2007 07:06

Fast fix cuz they all open now and PDQ.

1713.10.2007 08:07

Jumps right to the page or item. Great job!

1813.10.2007 12:54

Excellent move AD, particularly like the new timezone format.
At least we will all be in-sinc !
keep up the good work ....

1913.10.2007 18:39

keep up the good work guys

2014.10.2007 10:15

sweet. yeah this site does seem faster now.

2116.10.2007 11:49

Excellent, congratulations, and thanks galore.

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