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Apple drops price of DRM-free tracks on iTunes Plus

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Oct 2007 17:07 User comments (5)

Apple drops price of DRM-free tracks on iTunes Plus Although they have not made an official announcement yet, Apple has quietly dropped the price of their DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks from $1.29 USD to 99 cents.
The new price is equal to that of standard iTunes DRM crippled tracks.

It seems this latest move is in response to Amazon's DRM-free music store launch in which the tracks are sold for 89 to 99 cents a piece.

The official announcement is expected tomorrow in which Apple is expected to add to their DRM-free offering with music from independent labels while announcing the price drop.


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5 user comments

116.10.2007 18:57

seems like drm-free music is finally starting to take off..
and itunes offering it at 99 cents could mean price drops from competitors =]

217.10.2007 0:11

A move in the right direction, yes, now if they would just do it with movies and drop the price a bit. Of course the fact still remains that these companies will always try to blame low sales numbers on piracy. The exec's either don't know or more likely don't care that they put out steaming piles of dung 97% of the time.

Ask yourself this question when was the last time you were willing to pay $10 to see a movie the second time in the theater or pay $15-$20 for a cd or dvd. I bet it's not more than once or twice in the past ten years. I don't even go the to the movies unless it's something made by pixar for my kids. and that's likely to change since they were "aquired".

320.10.2007 0:49

Looks promising but I'm only gonna buy a few of them. Just the singles that I like. I still think that if you like the whole album, you should buy it from a music club. I can get them as cheap as $7. That's less than an iTunes album.

422.10.2007 9:45

ditto, Blackjax. I do not think I have ever seen the same movie twice in the theater in the last 50 years. I rarely see movies in the first run because they are mostly garbage. I am not going to pay $50 to see garbage! I only buy DVDs if I think the price is fair. It used to be $10 now it is $5. This whole thing is about cost verses value.

How can they figure $1 a tune is a fair price for something that is 40 years old and originally was sold 12 for $2? They still made profit after making an expensive record than sharing half with a re-seller. The audio quality was better than that on a CD. Now, after milking the tunes for 40 years they want to charge $1 a tune. That is the biggest crime of all! They want the world to believe they would be losing money to sell it for less. They claim they are protecting the artists. Back them many artists got a flat fee with no percentage. I would feel a bit different if the artists were actually getting most of the royalties instead of little to none.

523.10.2007 8:08

Wise move their by apple. :)

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