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MySpace joins forces with Sony BMG

Written by Dave Horvath @ 16 Oct 2007 12:00 User comments (2)

MySpace joins forces with Sony BMG The most popular social networking site MySpace recently signed a deal with record label Sony BMG that would allow MySpace users access to the label's recording content free of charge for use on their profile pages. The deal is part of an ad-sharing venture which will allow Sony to receive a part of the proceeds from ads generated on user pages that sport music videos and music from the label's library.
This move will enable MySpace's claimed 70 million users to have full access to Sony BMG's content. Users who were once reprimanded are now granted access to music and music videos to customize their profile pages as they once were. Only this time, legally.

Sony BMG is the second largest record label and can offer a wide variety of tracks to the MySpace community. Its said that once launched, these videos and music files will be made available on the coinciding artist's MySpace profile page.


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2 user comments

117.10.2007 6:45

So this is good news why exactly? Sony is already trying to gather as much information on people, and having phone home drm built into their hardware/software/malware is now teaming up with Rupert Murdoch's myspace which atm lobby groups, including the fox lobby are pressing congress to have age verification technology incorporated into the sign up mandatory, via a credit check so they know who is posting exactly what, all under the scare tactic, guise of catching paedophiles. do these companies ever feel they need to stop eroding peoples anonymity?

Bad companies boycott both!

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223.10.2007 7:48

Interesting move we will have to see how well this move is for bmg and myspace in the long run.

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