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Audiovox buys Thomson AV operations

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Oct 2007 19:58 User comments (5)

Audiovox buys Thomson AV operations Thomson has announced that they will be selling their AV operations outside of Europe to the Audiovox corporation and that sale is expected to be completed by the New Year.
The company also said that it will be closing its European AV and accessory activities.

Thomson sold a variety of products from MP3 to DVD players, most notably under the brand name RCA. The sale will also transfer the rights to the RCA brand "within the AV products field." Audiovox already owns the rights to use the RCA name for consumer electronics accessories.


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5 user comments

119.10.2007 18:18

When Thomson bought RCA the quality of the line of TV's especially dropped with all the bad connections on the circuit boards. They even dragged the GE name through the mud with this stuff. I just threw 3 27 inch RCA's and GE's in the dump where the company belongs. As to Audiovox, I am sure they will continue as always producing the same kind of junk as Thomson.

220.10.2007 16:00

company's branch then they merge i dont get it. so in other words RCA and Thompson Audio/Video are basicly Audiovox <<< why dont the just change all the lables to Audiovox.>>>> Royaltys to dead companies.. i remember when RCA was an leading industry example.

320.10.2007 19:54

RCA was the color standard for TV receiver design for years. I worked on many other name brands that has the RCA chassis in them. All this ended when the patents expired. I worked on many of the early round tube sets and a lot of CTC25's and CTC39 chassis. We could remove them in the homes and take it to the shop and connect to a test jig. Fixed many of them without ever bringing the whole console in. Many had record players and tape decks in them. Took 3 people just to load into Vans. We did everything including putting up 60 ft. Towers with rotors to get a signal. The little town I lived in had one of the first cable systems in 1965. The weather channel was a rotating table with temperature, wind, direction and barometric pressure. The camera was of course b/w. We worked on the 1 inch real to real video recorders for the local schools and colleges. Boy has things changed. I agree Audiovox should not use the RCA name. Just let it die in piece. I remember working on a lot of the early audiovox stuff and most of time we told them to throw it away and go by a good brand. Thomson was a european based company but guess Audiovox is mostly chinese stuff now. RIP RCA and GE as far as the Intertainment industy goes.

423.10.2007 17:45

Well this is better than bankruptcy :P

524.10.2007 19:11

My last Thomson made RCA is showing it's bad connections again. It is going to the dump like thousands of others have. Thomson should go bankrupt and RCA for letting their name be used by these European junk dealers. Audiovox will not be any better with their chinese junk. Time to go digital and buy a JVC which was started in Japan by the old RCA Victor Company. Remember "His Masters Voice".

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