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New download service is advertising with blinks

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Oct 2007 0:52 User comments (3)

New download service is advertising with blinks A new service called BlinkBox is advertising commercial movie downloads using something called blinks. According to their website, "A ‘blink’ is a clip from a film or TV show with your personal message. Say whatever you want with a blink. You can scare your mate with a blink from The Exorcist or send them off laughing with a blink from National Lampoon’s Vacation."
BlinkBox offers movies for rental (limited viewing period), purchase (unlimited viewing period), or burning with a standard DVD burner. Movies are stored on customer computers, but must be viewed on a single computer associated with the purchaser's BlinkBox account. Scenes from available movies can also be either viewed on the BlinkBox website or, for a small fee, sent to a mobile phone via SMS text message. Clips sent via SMS are preceded by a short ad and followed by a link to purchase the whole movie for download.

Downloading full films or sending text messages requires setting up an account first, and according to the site's terms of service all SMS recipients need to give their permission first, although that's left to the sender to take care of. Messages do indicate they originate from a phone number supplied by the sender.

Right now the service is available in a beta version, and only to U.K. residents, but there are plans to expand across Europe next year.

The content provider's they've gotten on board so far appear to be excited about the service's possibilities. Rob Bell, VP digital platforms at NBC Universal, said, “The concept of using blinks as a creative introduction mechanism to our full-length films and TV shows was really interesting to us.”

Source: Variety

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3 user comments

123.10.2007 9:27

Why would someone want to buy a movie that can be watched on only one computer?

223.10.2007 13:00

If you want to do that, Sky Anytime service is better and is included in Movie world subscrption. Otherwise, a DRM laden service isn't likely to be as popular as they'd like it to be.

324.10.2007 17:20

Interesting concept.

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