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UK to get new Skype mobile phone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Oct 2007 23:58 User comments (4)

UK to get new Skype mobile phone The UK-based mobile phone carrier 3 has introduced the Skypephone, the UK's first phone designed around Skype's free peer-to-peer telephone service.
The handset will be available in a variety of colors, offer a 2MP camera, an internal MP3 player, Bluetooth, and Mobile TV and internet functions on Qualcomm, Skype and 3's networks.

Using the "Skype button" a user can "voice connect to any of the service's 246 million registered users for free." You can store usernames to the phone book and they will act as another phone number that can be connected to. The Skypephone can also engage in Skype chat as well as send SMS and MMS messages.

The Skypephone will retail for 49.99 as a pay-as-you-go phone or free with an 18-month contract. It is set to hit UK retailers on November 2nd with availabilty in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Macau, and Sweden coming before the end of the year.


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4 user comments

130.10.2007 7:59

Of course it doesn't support SkypeOut and it's great rates, which is I (or rather the girlfriend) primarily use Skype for. Too bad, I was thinking about getting one for her...

23.11.2007 17:24

Meh this sounds way too much like a gimmick and coming from the general failure that is '3' i'm not convinced it would be a 49.99 well spent.

Not a chance in hell of getting an 18 month contract for it lol

311.11.2007 16:05

Well this sounds good for skype user to user nothing more.

41.8.2008 8:29

This good mobile phone by skype with Pay as You go Mobile Phones scheme just on payment of 49.99 for 18 month contract.

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