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ECNokia offers iPod Nano clone

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Nov 2007 17:59 User comments (4)

ECNokia offers iPod Nano clone Due to the lax intellectual property restrictions in China, a company called ECNokia is peddling a generic MP4 player that is designed and operates remarkably like Apple Inc.'s third-generation iPod Nano player. The player includes the clickwheel used for navigation with an iPod as well as the same type menu design. It also is designed like the Nano, with the rounded edges.
Under hood of course it does not provide the exact same functionality as an iPod Nano, although it will play MP3, WAV, WMA and MIDI audio. As for video, the device requires video in the ASF format. It also does not have any built-in flash memory, but instead relies on SD cards for storage, supporting up to 2GB.

The display is larger than the Nano screen at 2.4-inches, and interestingly it is a touch-screen-display, making the addition of the clickwheel almost completely irrelevant. It offers a 1.3 megapixel camera, a voice recorder and supports FM radio.

The player is being shipped in bulk to retailers in various countries.


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4 user comments

130.11.2007 7:46

I wonder if there is a reset on this puppy. The last mp4 play I bought from China did not have a way to reset the device. It worked fine until it got confused!

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220.12.2007 5:01

One word CC :)

320.12.2007 6:10

Nice I bought imported sold and made reviews all over the internet about the Nano when it was cloned. Believe it or not alot of people in the USA are fed up with the high price of apple and like these players! they are not perfect by anymeans, but the Chinese are getting brilliant with the way they are copying technology and let me tell you in the next ten years, I bet chinese knockoffs will be extremely impressive!

420.12.2007 21:01

The iPods are made in China. Of course they have the technology.

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