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On-demand service launched by BBC and partners

Written by Dave Horvath @ 27 Nov 2007 12:39 User comments (2)

On-demand service launched by BBC and partners Details are sketchy at this point but the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are set to launch a new on-demand video service which is expected to bring together hundreds of hours of television in one convenient place.
Currently, all three companies offer their own on-demand service, but this joint venture is set to launch early in 2008 and has yet to be named or approved by BBC Trust. What they plan on launching is all current programs offered by each station as well as archived media. This new service will not impede with the each company's individual on-demand services.

As of launch, all of the three company's programs will be available for free download, Streaming or purchase via the Internet. They are currently looking into ways to bring the media to other outlets and devices. "The new service will contain some of the very best of the UK's content for consumers to view in one place, which will be both easy to use and great fun," said John Smith, the chief executive of BBC Worldwide.


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2 user comments

128.11.2007 6:51

I was going to comment... but thought better of saying what I think of the BBC and the way they totally ignore input from the PEOPLE WHO ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR THEM!!!

dedicated windows only player... drm.. I have a COMPULSORY TV licence, so I have the right to watch BBC sourced content on ANY hardware I choose, and to keep it to watch at a time that is convenient to me.. under the fair use as we have always had.

I and millions like me are FORCED to pay for this organistaion, whether we ever watch any programmes they broadcast or not.. Just having a TV in your house to watch dvd's and play a few console games means you are forced to pay this extortionate and no choice tax... OR BE MADE A CRIMINAL!!!

The BBC are obsolete, untrusted government mouthpiece organisation funded without choice or input by the citizens of the UK .. If they had to compete with the other broadcasters across the world on a level playing field they would cease to exist..

DOWN WITH THE BBC!!.. and an END to compulsory charging for state censored news reporting!!!

I will NOT be subscribing to any online drm filled ripoff (why should I.. I already own a licence to watch and record the programmes.. there.. I paid already and they can't tell me what kind of TV I need to watch the rubbish on).. sorry.. NO SALE!!

220.12.2007 6:49


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