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TiVo to finally make its debut on PCs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Nov 2007 18:46 User comments (10)

TiVo to finally make its debut on PCs Nero and TiVo have signed an agreement that will finally bring the TiVo service to home PCs. The new agreement should help TiVO attract new subscribers in the growing TV-on-PC market.
By adding its services to the PC, TiVo will have its service in all major media distributions, cable, satellite, and computer.

"The partnership with TiVo extends the TV experience for the connected digital home, enabling easy access anytime, anywhere to the most extensive TV content," Nero chief Richard Lesser said.


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10 user comments

129.11.2007 2:39

i just hit record in windows media center if i want to record anything onto my HDD for later viewing

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229.11.2007 3:46

Man TiVo is nice but you have to pay for it. Someone should write something that does the same thing for free. Hey, they could call it Freevo, hahaha. Oh, wait... someone already did that.

329.11.2007 7:00

MythTV and its clones beat them to the punch.

Tivo cultists will flock, but everyone else will just find a better/free interface to use.

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429.11.2007 11:39

I have Tivo and although I paid for it at 300.00 for a is the absolute best, easiest and most direct yet simplified interface available, PERIOD. PVRs are cool but Tivo costs because they actually have a signed agreement with TVGuide to provide lineups with full descriptions two weeks out. Other DVRs, PVRs may go two weeks out (if even) but I don't believe they use a comprehensive guide provide like TVGuide. Tivo is unparalleled in my opinion. I challenge anyone to dispute and provide concrete examples in their favour.

529.11.2007 22:39

But what input source(s) can the Tivo software actually record?? Over the air antenna only?!? Many people have DirecTV and DISH Network.

630.11.2007 12:46

Ultimate TV is, in my opinion, superior to TiVo:
1) 30 second skip forward and backward (without a hack)
2) "go back" for the remaining disk space (TiVo only goes back 60 minutes)
3) episode menu listings more descriptive
4) user interface doesn't obscure picture
5) better organized listing of recorded shows
6) recorded episodes identifiable on main screen (you need to click into TiVo menu to see episodic information)
7) TiVo's white colored time setting gets obscured by light viewing backgrounds
8) overall, a better user interface
9) better, more ergonomically designed remote
10) easier to add and delete channels because you can view stations while adding/deleting
11) I don't care about two weeks out, maybe five days...

730.11.2007 17:42

My ATI All In Wonder with software does everything my wife's TIVO does.

81.12.2007 6:00

TiVo has come to the PC, Should make it more programmable and opens up the market to everywhere for them, I mean there aren't that many people overall who do use their puter to watch tv, but there are some that do. Now with TiVo advertising with a free press release there are going to be more switching on the back of TiVo and only a few are going to jump to other models once they discover what we know.

921.12.2007 19:20

Smart move.

102.2.2008 13:55

Is this dedicated hardware or just media sharing both ways and pc storage? I would think it'd be a waste to add all new hardware when you could just update all the older system with an ethernet port to support media sharing and file transfer.

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