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Netflix becomes official internet VOD source for Heroes

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 29 Nov 2007 21:48 User comments (8)

Netflix becomes official internet VOD source for Heroes On Monday Netflix, Inc. and NBC Universal announced a deal that will make Netflix "the exclusive SVOD outlet" for hit series Heroes. Since the beginning of the second season, episodes have been available on the online DVD rental leader's Watch Instantly service a day after airing on NBC.
"We are pleased to expand our relationship with NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution and be part of their innovative distribution strategy," said Robert Kyncl, Vice President of Content Acquisition for Netflix. "We have a shared interest in granting fans expanded access to and strengthening the network's key franchises."

"We are excited to establish Netflix as a part of our off-network syndication strategy for 'Heroes', " said Frances Manfredi, Executive Vice President & General Sales Manager, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. "This deal reflects the changing landscape of the entertainment marketplace and our objective of finding new buyers that complement our traditional customers."

This year has seen the introduction and steady growth of the Watch Instantly service, which makes a small, but growing, selection of movies offered for rent on DVD available for Streaming across the internet. Meanwhile competitor Blockbuster, despite backing away from a more aggresive strategy to compete with Netflix, has purchased their own online movie service called Movielink, and is also in the process of finding new ways to deliver video to consumers.

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8 user comments

129.11.2007 23:13

meanwhile torrents are the 'official' source for HDTV, DVD, and HD source of almost any show =D

230.11.2007 9:56

I would sign back up if they were going to keep the season going on here and not TV.

Can't beleive chapter 2 is over just after 13 episodes. :o(

Let the strike be over!!!!

330.11.2007 11:32

NBC officially ordered 24 episodes of Heroes so it will definitely come back after the confounded strike. In defense of the strikers....although it totally sucks......they deserve more cash. They're not asking for much more and Hollywood is a money grubbing and greedy industry.

430.11.2007 11:56

The big question is how many commercials do you have to sit through? I just record on my DVR. If I'm too lazy to download, I start the show and then walk away for 20 minutes. Then I sit down, rewind and watch it, fast forwarding past the commercials until I am live with the show.

530.11.2007 12:12

I do that too........networks hate that we do..........F 'em!!!!!

630.11.2007 14:27

Yeah, Heroes Season 2 was supposed to consist of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, as Season 1 was just Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is only 11 episodes, and they reshot the ending of episode 11 to make it a season finale so as to not leave such a cliffhanger for the end of the season. I hope they include the original ending with the DVDs or online, it would be nice to see how it was originally supposed to play out before the strike...

721.12.2007 21:47

This is going to be one great move forward for netflix because they will get a lot more users.

830.12.2007 2:41

I think I am going to sign back up and download these.

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