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Blizzard to aquire Activision

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Dec 2007 18:12 User comments (10)

Blizzard to aquire Activision The parent company of Blizzard, the company behind the massive hit "World of Warcraft", will be acquiring a 68% stake in Activision, the world's "first independent game console software" company.
Under the new acquisition it is being presumed that current Activision CEO Robert Kotick will be put in charge of the venture. In his words, the deal will make the new venture the "largest pure-play interactive entertainment publisher in the world." The new company will be even take the name Activision Blizzard, as a tribute to the equal importance both companies will have.

The merger in itself is more complicated then usual mergers are. Before the end of the year Vivendi, Blizzard's parent company will be handing over its complete Vivendi Games division "in a deal which converts those shares to Activision shares. Vivendi thus becomes a 52% owner in that new, temporary venture."

By using its then stake as majority owner, Vivendi will acquire more stock in Activision until it becomes a 68% owner. That however, may require approval from both US and European federal regulators.


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10 user comments

13.12.2007 17:16

so the rich get richer it sounds like. activision with its guitar hero and cod4 money and blizzard with its wow money and vivendi (or whatever they will call themselves now) get rich off their @$$ from it.

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23.12.2007 17:48

this is great news, activison is a great company and also blizzard not for wow cuz i personally don't like itm but beacuse of starcraft and diablo wich are games i'll never forget. Also mEchwarrior wich was the reason i bought the sidewinder with feedback and eveything.

Nice i hope thye keep it up.

33.12.2007 18:22

Heh...makers of Starcraft and Diablo totally going big.
That's going to be kind of cool, seeing as how Activision has some part in like every game genre.

Activision Blizzard.
Possibly too long? ;)

43.12.2007 20:04

Yeah i personally dont like that name at all. Activeblizzard would sound ridiculous also...

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53.12.2007 22:21

I would be ok with ActiveBlizzard, even though its sounds a bit ridiculous. Activision Blizzard is too long. :P

64.12.2007 9:03


Or they could just cut to the chase and choose:

World of Ka-Ching!


74.12.2007 16:03

Originally posted by duckNrun:


sounds like a new species of pokemon to me

85.12.2007 2:01

Absurd! see its all ready a word & their name! BTW i have nothing against either company! i play WOW my self! & have played many activision games even back from the 2600 days, even tho i am not into GH3!

95.12.2007 19:18

Activision also includes the Tony Hawk series.

1023.12.2007 5:33

Sounds like a complicated merger or take over however it will be worth the while it seems.

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