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PlaysForSure dropped in favor of Vista Certified

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 15 Dec 2007 15:44 User comments (8)

PlaysForSure dropped in favor of Vista Certified Microsoft has decided to drop it's 'PlaysForSure' logo program, replacing it with 'Certified For Windows Vista'. PlaysForSure was used to denote music services supporting Microsoft's DRM to simplify matching mobile players with that used on music from online stores.
Despite the goal of simplifying DRM implementation, in reality the PlaysForSure logo didn't even guarantee compatibility between player and music since not all vendors supported both the subscription and per song applications. It wasn't helped any by the Zune team's decision not to support it with either version of Microsoft's own music platform.

Making things even more confusing, even though neither the DRM or the Zune has changed, both will now carry the same logo for Vista certification. Michael Gartenberg, analyst for JupiterResearch, said "The licensing arm is only interested in spreading adoption of Microsoft technology; hence the decision to link music downloads to Windows Vista, which will eventually replace XP in the market. The Zune unit, on the other hand, wants to keep its technology closed. It goes to show how Microsoft is not always in lockstep with itself."

"(PlaysForSure) was a good idea that was poorly executed, which is why we started calling it 'PlaysForAlmostSure'," Gartenberg said.

Source: InformationWeek

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8 user comments

115.12.2007 19:22

FairUse4WM all the way!

215.12.2007 20:39

Well they new it would look really bad if they called a program "plays for sure" and put it on vista

"(PlaysForSure) was a good idea that was poorly executed, which is why we started calling it 'PlaysForAlmostSure'," Gartenberg said.
Much more appropriate, I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I read this whole article.

which will eventually replace XP in the market

I really have to figure how to run Linux before MS clobbers me with oh so wonderful drm.

316.12.2007 5:41

This just in... Hotmail, I mean Windows Live Mail is now...

Vista Certified Mail!

You know Microsoft, just saying Vista a bunch of times does not make me want it any more...

416.12.2007 12:29

What I love here is all the people who are crying that they don't like Vista and want to walk in to "name a retail store" and buy a computer with XP...
These were the same people who were crying that they didn't want XP and wanted a computer with ME... Which was 98 SP1... I understand that the majority of people here have the intelligence to find an alternative to Microsoft, but that's not good enough. If you actually want Microsoft to improve, or at least be scared enough to try to improve, you need to teach your friends and family that aren't computer savvy that there are alternatives. Hook them up with some fedora core which is easy enough my mother can use it. Also stop them from buying computers manufactured with windows on it. This is how microsoft is winning. Trust me, I work at one of those retail stores, and most people are ignorant as to what options are actually out there, they think they can only buy Windows or Mac. Forget both, they are rediculously priced. Especially since Mac is really linux with a horrendous price tag. I'm sure I'll get some flame about this, but I really feel strong about this. People are ignorant, and it is up to us who know the alternatives to teach them... they will not learn on their own... it's easier just to pay for windows and go on with life.

516.12.2007 14:11


Your right in a perfect world every one would understand the range of options available to them and how to utilize them. Most people don't have the time or desire to build their own computer and install/tweak their own OS. My parents are absolutely clueless when anything and I mean anything happens to their pc. They spend hours on the phone with some guy from India and end up crashing their computer.

I have a desire to learn how to build and customize computers and I see it as a hobby. Others have or are learning how to do those things because it's necessary for their carrier. A great majority of the general public just want to buy the funny looking box, plug it in, and have it work. A lot of people from the older generations don't want to learn or understand how to build/maintain computers for a variety of reasons and unfortunately that’s just the way things are.

616.12.2007 22:18

it's easier just to pay for windows and go on with life.
I like it.. the problem is.. Most people are not aware of how they are paying for it.

Lets be honest for a moment...

Vista was performing very badly in the marketplace earlier in the year. Obviously M$ and hollywood want to force everybody to use the (soon to be enabled) drm filled OS.. soo.. what do they do?? Simple.. they put the squeeze on the OEM's and through them the retailers. It is close to impossible to get a new pc with xp installed.. a few sad and partly stripped older systems in the dusty "clearance" corner.. Look it the price on them.. YUP!! that's right.. the same or slightly higher than the vista filled shiny display all singing all dancing dual core 2 gig power guzzling monsters. There is only one way that can have happened.. poor sales leading to a bigger kickback from M$ to the OEM's and retailers...

The situation has not changed..

The question is this..

How long can we allow a criminal business to continue holding a falsely imposed monopoly over us?

In the end we all lose... and I wait for vista sp1 which will in all likelihood turn on all the drm features. Then I will laugh, and go for a good walk around with my sabayon and debian disks curing the M$ drm and lock-in once and for all.

721.12.2007 1:34

I don't know but for me Vista and PlaysForSure is an oxymoron...

824.12.2007 7:31

"(PlaysForSure) was a good idea that was poorly executed, which is why we started calling it 'PlaysForAlmostSure'," Gartenberg said.
I like that one. Although everything should just say Microsoft Certified regardless, just to be on the safe side.

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