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China to censor foreign video sharing sites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jan 2008 18:32 User comments (10)

China to censor foreign video sharing sites Starting at the end of the month, the Chinese government will begin blocking video sharing sites it does not control. The new laws will mean that any website that offers streaming video will need to receive a permit to operate from the government. In order to obtain that permit, the site must be either state-owned or controlled to qualify.
It is unknown on whether YouTube would qualify as a foreign company as it runs a Chinese-language service. If YouTube's servers are hosted elsewhere, the site may be completely blocked by Chinese ISPs.

Banned materials, according to the new law would be aything having to do with "national secrets, content that sullies the reputation of the country, socially disruptive material, and pornography." The videos should "insist on serving the people" as well as "socialist principles."


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10 user comments

14.1.2008 11:14

No real surprise.

24.1.2008 12:29

Really no surprise here.

34.1.2008 17:55

What else could have been expected.

44.1.2008 23:21


55.1.2008 10:13

China is an entity on its own. It can do to the people whatever it wants until the people rise up. No nation will ever come to the people of China's aid. It's too powerful.

65.1.2008 10:19

Wait they're going to ban porno sites?

75.1.2008 13:35

Many forget that China is a Communist state.

86.1.2008 0:00

Many forget that China is a Communist state

Communist in name only. They're more of a capitalist police state much like old Germany in the 30's. You can still have a dictatorship and let big corporations continue to sell things to the world. Most of your computers were made by these commies. Hey, they own much of what used to be IBM and changed the name to Lenovo...
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96.1.2008 12:44

no human rights

1022.1.2008 16:18

Freedom of speech is still Chinese government's most formidable enemy. We need to send agent Molder and Scully to China. Because only the truth will set them free...(X file music)

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