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Hitachi to show off 1.5-inch thick plasma TV

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Jan 2008 18:04 User comments (5)

Hitachi to show off 1.5-inch thick plasma TV Japanese conglomerate Hitachi is set to show off a new 50-inch plasma television at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that measures just 1.5-inches thick. That is less than one third of the average 5-inch or more thickness of plasma televisions. According to Bill Whalen, director of product development at Hitachi, this TV will come to the market in 2009 and will probably weigh about 90 pounds.
"It could be a new category in plasma," Whalen said. The television sets shown off at CES never fail to amaze the tech world, with a constant competition running for who can make the biggest TV. Last year, Sharp inherited the crown by showing off a 108-inch LCD TV, while this year Panasonic is expected to stun the attendees with a 150-inch plasma TV.

Along with offering the biggest TV sets, the TV makers also try to slim them down as much as possible. For example, JVC claims a 42-inch LCD TV that is just 22mm thick, while Sharp has a 52-inch set that is 20mm thick.


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5 user comments

14.1.2008 23:49

I'm sure that ultra thin tv's will create a niche market, you know all those people who have money to spend just to say I own the biggest, smallest, brightest, ect... as for my self I don't care if its a foot thick, just give me a reasonable price/good specs.

25.1.2008 0:01

I would rather have a thick(er) LCD screen then a plasma.

Sure the Plasma TVs may look better in color extremes (deeper blacks, brighter whites etc.) but as far as I know they are still plagued by burn-in problems which is related to how they work.

So unless a major revision was done to the technology they still would have the burn-in problems that have me personally pick a LCD over a plasma.


35.1.2008 0:49

I hot a Sharp and it's no more then 3 inches thick and ways about 60 pounds. Wonderful TV. I could care less how thick a TV is if you can hang it on a wall.

45.1.2008 9:01

once is a flat it doesn't really make a difference, in my house they upgraded cuz of the space i had a big monster a sony wega that thing was huge

i think noone is gonna care for half inch less, is just point less , this is just tech advancing

57.1.2008 6:12

This is nice however i dont think having such a thin screen is going to always be the answer.

They need to do something that minimizes the heat that LCD screens generate.

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