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Seagate designs new HDDs for HD video performance

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Jan 2008 16:52 User comments (4)

Seagate designs new HDDs for HD video performance Seagate Technology has announced its brand new PipelineHD series of hard disk drives developed for use in digital video recorders at a time when increasing amounts of high definition video content are available to consumers. Initial capacities for the drives are planned up to 1TB, which the company claims allows for the recording of 200 hours of high definition video content, or 1,000 hours of standard definition video content.
Besides offering enough storage space for hundreds of hours of video, the new HDDs also have several other features that cater to the needs of home entertainment buffs. The drives have been designed for superior acoustic performance and Seagate claims they are virtually silent while used with DVR equipment.

Several key design elements of the new line of hard drives aims to keep power consumption low in all modes of operation, reducing environmental impact and energy costs when used with an energy-efficient DVR system. "Today’s consumer is no longer asking whether they need hard drive storage for their digital content – they're asking us how much we can deliver," said Patrick King, senior vice president and general manager of Seagate's Consumer Electronics Business Unit. "Today's announcement furthers Seagate's leadership in meeting the demands of the consumer's digital content storage, by offering the most dynamic hard drive for the DVR market."

Shipments of the PipelineHD drives will begin in the first half of 2008 and will be available in capacities from 320GB up to 1TB.

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4 user comments

18.1.2008 11:17

I remember the days when I thought I would never fill my 80GB hard drive. Now all I want is more space for more stuff. Currently I have two 250GB hard drives...1TB sounds good to me.

28.1.2008 12:43

These features should be on all hard drives, not just ones intended for hi def media storage.

38.1.2008 17:47

I remember playing with one of the prototype 1 gig hdd. It was about the size of a desktop PC. It was cool because my mom's cowork put a lot of games on it. I miss those old Epic Games.

Now I have about 1.25TB worth of drives floating around in various PCs/Laptops and one 500GB external drive(It is good to have a backup of all of your pics, files, and music and I still have about 200GB of space left of it.) Otherwise, I still don't know why you would need over 500 gb.

Well, unless you dl music and games all day.

49.1.2008 6:38

Originally posted by BludRayne:
These features should be on all hard drives, not just ones intended for hi def media storage.
100% agreed there. I am very happy to see this as we know online video content is a major thing that gets stored on computer hard drives i am sure seagate will still have their great quality that has been on their normal hard drives and will be for sure the same with these new drives.

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