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CES 2008: Intel discusses mobile internet devices

Written by Dave Horvath @ 08 Jan 2008 12:13 User comments (3)

CES 2008: Intel discusses mobile internet devices The CES trade show in Las Vegas is the place where companies get to flex their muscles in both products that are coming out shortly and ideas that will shape the future of consumer electronics. Intel has decided to address the latter in their latest keynote at this year's show.
Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel announced that they will begin sometime in the second half of 2008, shipping single integrated circuits that will allow digital video recorders and other TV connected consumer devices the ability to run web applications much like a PC. During the keynote address, Otellini demonstrated Intel's system-on-a-chip platform codenamed Canmore which includes an Intel processor tightly integrated with other hardware for processing high-definition video. This in turn means resolutions of 1080p, multi-channel surround-sound audio, and 3-D graphics are all possible on one chip.

In addition, the integrated circuit would include security, a memory controller, and input/output technology important to consumer electronics, such as HDMI.

Although Intel is new in the consumer electronics foray, its clear that they have their eyes set on the successes of companies like TiVo and other set-top device manufacturers. They believe their industry experience with computer hardware could bring a new level in set-top boxes for a consumer's television viewing experience.

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3 user comments

18.1.2008 16:07

I've got no troubles with Intel...

Although is it still the best? Or is AMD creepin?

28.1.2008 18:41

What ever happened to WiFi SD CARDS? Anyone used one? How are they?

39.1.2008 20:27

This seems to be that intel is catching up with the rest of the market that already has done all this.

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