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Wii Fit sells a million in Japan

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2008 18:13 User comments (4)

Wii Fit sells a million in Japan Nintendo's effort to make the Wii console an exercise and fitness accessory is paying off in the company's home market of Japan. The Wii Fittitle, unveiled at the E3 Expo in 2007, consists of a wireless balance board that uses pressure sensors to judge a player's movement while playing games like hopscotch, ski-jumping or 'chase the doughnut'.
The controller for the Wii is already seen to demand more physical activity from a player than any other home console (excluding add-ons like a Dance Dance Revolution mat) on most games, and the extra Wii Fit accessory just pushes the bar a little bit higher. The company is attempting to attract more than the traditional gamer to the Wii console, and this extra piece of hardware is just another way to re-enforce that effort.

Following its launch in Japan at the beginning of December, it has gone on to sell 1 million units, which is a good indication of how it may perform in other territories. However, Nintendo does not have complete overseas sales plans for Wii Fit just yet.

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4 user comments

111.1.2008 23:47

I find it kind of weird... I prefer the gym...

211.1.2008 23:47


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315.1.2008 19:53

i think nintendo's attempt to make gamers more energetic and make it seem like moving a wrist or hand counts as exercise is just going to raise the obesity rate around the world as it's sold it's console outstandingly over the last year.

i really hope people start realising that the playstation 3 is the best value for money console by far....

no comment on the 360.. ^_^
apparently it's sold 17.7 million -chuckles-

360 and Wii both need to start releasing rechargable controllers with their consoles and a cheaper/better online service.. but that's from an entirely biased opinion of a sony fan.. ^_^

423.1.2008 17:00

I think this is the next best thing to a gym. Also this gets rid of the excuse i dont have time to go to the gym u have the gym at ur place and its fun and its a great way also for the world to fight child obesity.

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