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Microsoft backs off Blu-ray on Xbox 360 comments

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2008 18:11 User comments (12)

Microsoft backs off Blu-ray on Xbox 360 comments Microsoft Corp. has re-affirmed its sole dedication to the HD DVD format, despite comments made during this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of attention on the format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray following the decision by Warner Bros. to support the Blu-ray format exclusively.
Ever since then, there has been rumors and speculation about what studios or corporations would be willing to switch sides or drop a neutral stance, and several did. Comments made by Microsoft's group marketing manager for Xbox hardware, Albert Penello created a bit of a stir after being asked by Reuters if Microsoft would ever offer a Blu-ray accessory for the Xbox 360.

"It should be consumer choice, and if that's the way they vote, that's something we'll have to consider," he responded. With the previous decision by Warner Bros. and then speculation that Universal and Paramount were getting ready to drop HD DVD too (both denied), the comments could not have come at a worse time for the HD DVD group.

However, Microsoft has now stated that the HD DVD format is the only format to deliver quality experiences at affordable prices and that there are absolutely no plans at all for a Blu-ray drive.

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12 user comments

111.1.2008 23:49

Not for long ;)

212.1.2008 0:13

man vinny this would be my 3rd post after you. lol

they can deny all they want but it wouldn't matter. Blue ray is winning and it will only get better for us.

And it will only get worse for the other group. Trying to make lies to cover up for there hd dvd failure

312.1.2008 1:24

My take is they are trying to get rid of there stock of there current HD add on drives & probobly a contract to make X amount & buy X materials from numerous MFgrs. it would fit in with the suposid price drop of there add on. even tho u cant find that new low $130 price almost anywhere except toys r us online who is never in stock

412.1.2008 12:16

Microsoft are not going to do anything that assists their competitors.

The only "lies" here are those who keep peddling this nonsense.
For 2years almost they have been trying to talk this one into life (and all based on a business man saying what any sensible business man says - 'you should never say never'.
Talk about 'thin' and 'evidence' free.)

The topic of this thread relates to Microsoft saying (again) that they are not going to be making a Blu-ray drive for the XBox 360.

You can dream-on with the wishful 'thinking' all you like but that's all it is.

512.1.2008 12:42

My friend says he'd buy one if they made one...

612.1.2008 12:56

Originally posted by hughjars:
You can dream-on with the wishful 'thinking' all you like but that's all it is.
As an HD DVD user my "wishful thinking" included a scenario where Microsoft showed even the slightest hint of support for Toshiba and HD DVD during their time of need.

But there's nothing. Not even the slightest mention of HD DVD in Bill Gates' keynote speech at CES 2008. Now we know MS's real agenda as revealed in a recent interview. I seems they'll just cut the price on their 360 add on, clear out all their inventory and call it a day. Then they'll concentrate on XBL HD downloads

They may not make a BD drive for the 360 but their lack of support for Toshiba and HD DVD hurts even more.

712.1.2008 13:22

The main trouble with BR is cost so while they while entertain the idea they have other issues to deal with.

815.1.2008 12:28

well, if HD VMD takes off, maybe blu-ray and hd-dvd will both be obsolete

915.1.2008 20:10

Originally posted by timmybear:
well, if HD VMD takes off, maybe blu-ray and hd-dvd will both be obsolete
the way it looks it could well be in 10 years.

1023.1.2008 16:57

We will see how long this lasts.

1124.1.2008 5:45

when blueray and the other leading or better technologies(lcd, ps3 and plasma) come down in price i will probably buy it. but for now i think ill stick with my ps2, 60 inch dlp, and hddvd. for that same set-up with the above mentioned "newer and better technology". it would cost me over twice as much for only a slight benefit. besides that ive already found several web sites that are going to offer "blu-ray movies only" here in the states - on hddvd in other places (countries/regions). they say that they will be region free. even if that doesnt pan out, im not worried. thanks to afterdawn,avs forums,dvdhounds,doom9 and my favorite bt sites. i look at it this way. if i go to wally world and i just bought a new hd tv, and the only choices i had were a 1080p up-convert player with a free hdmi cable for $40.00 or a $400.00 blueray player, it wouldnt be a choice. i know which one the average person is going to buy. microsoft and sony are the most money hungrey groups that i know of "bar-none". if sony wants to "seal the deal", they need to have blueray players for $100.00 to $200.00. until that happens i dont see micrsoft and the competition giving in anytime soon. most of the people that hang out here really arent worried about getting movies to play in there blu-ray or hd-dvd player (because most of us know how to convert video formats pretty good), but the average consumer will really get the shaft. cash is matter where u live-in sonyville or microsoftland.

1224.1.2008 9:43

Sure, they won't design a Blu-Ray add-on, but they aren't exactly backing HD-DVD with all they've got either.

In my opinion they could care less if it fails or not, their strategy on the Xbox 360 is higher profits through complete market saturation which is why their selling 360's way below production costs.. they want everyone to have a 360 and then they jack up the costs on peripherals, games, add-ons, Xbox Live, all which have way higher profit margins.

Why would they need to take a chance on a risky add-on that uses a format that's probably not going to be around in a few months time..?

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