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Kodak offers self-burning CD-R

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2008 20:20 User comments (8)

Kodak offers self-burning CD-R KODAK has announced its new AutoMagic self-burning CDs aimed at making it easier for novice computer users to burn their music, pictures and important documents to discs for archiving. The disc has built-in software for copying digital content onto the CD.
"This is great news for all the people who want to store images, music or data on a CD but lack the computer skills," said Jim Gordon, Sr. Vice President of Marketing for KMP Media. "Now they can avoid the hassle of downloading, installing and learning how to use a more complex software package."

The CD-R discs are designed for use with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. When one of these CDs is placed in a computer the application pops up on the screen and the user can select and record images, music and other files with just a few clicks. The software takes up little space.

Users can preview, rotate and select photos and even record them directly from a digital camera. The discs also can be read into home video players and compilations of MP3 or WMA music can be made with KODAK AutoMagic CDs and played on any device that supports those formats.

The KODAK AutoMagic CD-R is available now and is expected to retail for about $4.99 for a 2-pack.

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8 user comments

112.1.2008 21:47

So easy even my Grandma could do it...

212.1.2008 22:09

More dumbing down at a price

312.1.2008 22:34

Wait until the RIAA writes the software which prohibits any music from being burned onto a disk without them getting a cut....

413.1.2008 2:02

Windows has this great feature where you put in a blank cd and drag your files on to it. Then you click a button that says "Write these files to cd" (or something like that). If you are that computer illiterate that you cannot drag files from one folder to another you should not be using a computer. End of story.

People who buy these disks are retarded.

513.1.2008 6:32

I thought there was some new kinda inside-out-backwards laser in there.

That doesn't sound any easier than using the windows interface, or whatever burning software is already on the computer when you get it. I'd bet anyone who could use one of those discs could just as easily use the install disc for the softare that comes with the burner. Those programs already do music, etc, in just a few clicks.

613.1.2008 11:22

$2.50 PER DISK?!?!?!?!?! thats about/more than it costs for a blu-ray recordable disk WTFz0rz

713.1.2008 12:33

It would be cool if they had a 'download to direct burn' feature. while you download it is burning at the same time.

813.1.2008 15:00

anyone acaulty use the coaster making windose app to burn media with?

my god I had so much trouble with it from not working on other machines to spewing out thank you...........

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