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Mashboxx founder wants to sue LimeWire

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jan 2008 23:23 User comments (5)

Mashboxx founder wants to sue LimeWire Wayne Rosso, the founder of the P2P startup Mashboxx believes that Limewire's newfound initiatives aimed at combining file sharing with contextual ads violates a few of his company's patents and he has vowed to “go after anyone who comes near to it.”
Mashboxx was originally supposed to be licensed by the music industry but financing issues have so far almost killed off the company.

LimeWire CEO George Searle added some words about the company's upcoming initiatives. As Newteevee writes, "He talked about its upcoming music download store, as well as a new project called “LimeSpot,” which will offer bands and their fans forums, wikis and blogs. All of these web-based initiatives will tie into the LimeWire client in what Searle compared to Google’s Universal Search, whereby P2P search results are combined with context and contextual ads: “Soon, within LimeWire you’ll be able to connect with participating artists, and drill down or sideways to see photos, find tour dates, watch music videos, find lyrics and buy music, tickets and merchandise.”

If Rosso has his way, Limewire's road to becoming a "social media empire" will hit another bump. “We’ve got a broad umbrella of patents,”Rosso stated, “I’d be more than happy to get in line to sue [LimeWire Chairman] Mark Gorton,” he added.

It is not clear what patents are in question but we will keep you updated.

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5 user comments

117.1.2008 10:48

Well it sounds like this man "Wayne Rosso" failed at his business attempt and now hes trying to get some kickback form limewire's success.

217.1.2008 15:29

Is this saying that lime wire will discontinue to be free in the future? because if thats the case it will be the next napster, remember the way that turned out?

317.1.2008 19:47

lw SUCKS ANYWAY bt IS WHERE it's at~! Why Don't this cock sue them?

419.1.2008 4:11

Limewire Pro (The only one worth having) isn't free anyway.. You need Frostwire for that :)

515.2.2008 18:53

Is it that season again to be silly and start suing everyone again. I thought that was over for p2p vut i must have been mistaken.

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