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HTC Touch sales are half that of Apple's iPhone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jan 2008 18:58 User comments (6)

HTC Touch sales are half that of Apple's iPhone The large Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC has finally released its sales report for 2007 and it seems their Apple iPhone rival, the HTC Touch, is selling pretty well.
The Touch and Touch Dual run on Windows Mobile 6 and use the same touch interface as Apple's iPhone. Because of its use of WM6, the Touch has been better suited for corporate and business accounts and it has showed.

At the Macworld event last week, Steve Jobs noted that his company had sold 4 million iPhones worldwide since its launch. HTC reported that it had sold 2 million Touch phones and in total "the company reported sales of 11.8 million handsets, 12% more than it had sold in 2006, garnering 12% more revenue as a result."

It is good to see strong competition and with the LG Voyager now in retail stores 2008 should be interesting to watch.

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6 user comments

122.1.2008 1:37

I'd take Apple over M$ any day...

I like the iPhone because it has a lot of support(jailbroken of course). It's also simple, which is something I look for in phones. The price is way to expensive for me right now though, so I'll just stick with my Nokias(#1) :)

222.1.2008 2:51

I am willing to bet the iPhone will still stay on top. Just as with the iPod, it seems the masses would rather have the overpriced status symbol rather than the cheaper, non status symbol hardware.

322.1.2008 14:50

I agree with both the previous posts. Iphone is way cool, other than the fact that Apple keeps 'unjacking' it and the fact that it only has a P.O.S. 1.3 or 2.0 Megapixel Camera (not sure) when it should have a 3, 4 or 5.

As for the's only available for Verizon which is CDMA (an awesome technology) but it's the only company of its kind left. The world is GSM and there ain't no turnin' back. Verizon is the only company that is not interchangeable from country to country. Besides, they're shady and scams.

426.1.2008 22:39

When it comes to a phone i will take a htc device running windows mobile over an apple iphone any day.

Ok the interface looks better on the iphone... but thats where it stops to be honest my next phone going to be a tytn II which is basically the touch with the fold out keyboard...

Everyone i know in industry who uses grown up phones for corpirate use has gone back to htc devices after purchasing an iphone and getting dissapointed when the trill of the flash interface wore off and the bleakness of the lack of 3g, exchange support and so much more set in..

windows mobile has so many apps out there for it... theres nothing that comes close, god i can even run dos box and run old ms dos applications.

And dont even get me started on the our firmware screws over hacked firmwares bit... like htc would ever do that to a customer....

527.1.2008 2:40

I have a PPC 6800 (also called the Titan) and it's very similiar to the HTC Touch, which I believe was a product designed to go after the iphone market. With modding and whatnot, it's not too difficult to make the HTC touchscreen and computer behave very much like an iphone. Actually, the iphone is one of the most popular themes people try to recreate for their HTC devices.

Although I believe that HTC (and other Windows Mobiles 6 devices) are better and more versatile devices, I think the iphone has long ago gained itself a name as an "it" item, and from here on out, performance, price and functionality matter very little.

If anyone is looking for more info on just how far a PPC running WM6 can go, check out

A side note, it took me approx a week to get used to my 6800, but I love it now (old phone was a samsung a920). I guess in the end, with how things are today, any electrical device is a matter of finding which one has enough good things you like and bad things that don't bother you too much as opposed to finding one product that is just great, as I really believe those days are long gone.

618.2.2008 1:10

I would say the windows based OS would apeal to me more seeing how easy you can use it cross the windows different platforms whereas other OS systems you would have major compatabilty issues.

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