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Sony to package MTV shows for PSP

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 24 Jan 2008 20:54 User comments (5)

Sony to package MTV shows for PSP Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) will be selling programming licensed from MTV on UMD for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The MTV programming includes episodes of 'Beavis and Butthead', 'Jackass', 'Wildboyz', 'Viva La Bam', and 'Aeon Flux'. Titles will sell for $14.99.
“This collaboration with MTV is a key first step in meeting the needs of our consumers who are utilizing PSP as a video player more than ever and are thirsting for more content, particularly short-form videos,” said Phil Rosenberg, senior VP of sales and business development at SCEA. "MTV’s programming is hugely popular, and SCEA can utilize our internal resources to appropriately manage the publishing and distribution of these hit shows on UMD. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the UMD video format by delivering what consumers want to watch at the right price. SCEA will continue to license movie, TV and other video content.”

“Our viewers consistently choose to experience our programming on a number of platforms, and the PSP is a particularly well-loved device among our audience,” said Paul DeGooyer, senior VP of home entertainment, games and music for MTV Networks’ Music and Logo Group. “We’re very pleased that PSP users will be able to watch their favorite MTV shows when they are on the go.”

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5 user comments

124.1.2008 21:18

Seems like a waste of time and a dumb way to minimize profits. Doesn't Sony have a video download service for the PSP?

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224.1.2008 21:51

Another great idea, if it where 1995

download service is the way....

325.1.2008 11:06

lol, I dunno, Beavis and Butthead rock! But yea, does seem like a waste of money. Also, nobody watches that crap now, they don't even air that sh*t on MTV anymore. They would need to include some other lame shows like The Real World, Real World Road Rules Challenge, The Hills, and whatever else MTV's lame lineup is. Whatever happen to the good days when MTV was music television??

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425.1.2008 11:47

they have to bee seen to be supporting their over priced propertarian format or ppl will lose faith in sony's go it alone, monopoly grab tactics in the future!

and if it doesn't take off they can close the store and well its not sony's fault if ppl didn't want to use the service, but at least they tried eh!

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519.2.2008 2:03

Well the only plus i see here is the fact u can watch something while on a trip.

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