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LG's Viewty handset gets certified for DivX

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Feb 2008 17:27 User comments (4)

LG's Viewty handset gets certified for DivX LG Mobile has announced that its very popular Viewty mobile phone has now become the first handset to become certified for recording video using DivX compression.
Although the list of DivX-certified devices continues to grow, the list of mobile phones is very short. There are only two phones that even support DivX playback, the Samsung SGH-F500 and SGH-F508.

The Viewty camera phone captures video at an abnormally large 120 FPS and a relatively large 640 x 480 Resolution. Besides adding better quality Compression the Viewty will no longer need to use conversion software that 3GP video needs.

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4 user comments

16.2.2008 21:10

the n95 already does play videos at that res, but including regular format on a portables is a must be, conversion is simple for ppl with the latest computers but no so much for ppl still on a p4 or the firt core duo line

27.2.2008 6:20

Whats wrong with the P4? I have a 2.99Ghz P4 and I can convert whole movies from OGG/Matroska/VOB(Merged) to generic AVI, or DivX/XviD in little under 40 minutes.

Dont give crap to the P4, its spunky a proc, I get personally offended when people try to make fun of it. ;)

39.2.2008 11:05

The HTC Athena, is also able to do avi video capture... lol maybe it uses xvid or some other codec...

And if you get CoolCamera, virtually any pocketpc camera will record to avi and at much higher res:

also webcamera plus turns your phone into a webcam for the pc.


42.3.2008 7:23

nice features but pitty its a LG.

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