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European Commission to examine copyright levy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Feb 2008 1:57 User comments (4)

European Commission to examine copyright levy The European Commission is set to consult over the current copyright levy systems in place in many EU states. Copyright levies can apply to anything from blank CDs and DVDs to MP3 players and forms of storage. It is a surcharge on the price of an item based on certain criteria. This revenue is collected and then distributed to artists thought to be victims of music and video piracy.
The problem with the levies is the assumption that all of these items purchased will be used for private copying. Charlie McCreevy, EC Internal Markets Commissioner said that while the EU wouldn't scrap the idea of compensating artists for this copying, there is a problem with the wide diversity of implementation throughout the EU states.

"I hope this new round of consultations can lead to solutions being found to the discrepancies that the diverse application of these levies have led to," he said. "There can be no question of calling into doubt the entitlement of rights holders to compensation for private copying. At the same time there is a need to look at how the levies are applied in practice."

If the copyright laws of an EU nation allow for private copying, then the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD) demands that artists be adequately compensated. Most EU states do charge a levy, but at least the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg have never implemented a levy.

"It should be possible to envisage some workable solution that assures the rights holders of their due compensation and at the same time applying the levies in a way that is commensurate with the loss caused by private copying," McCreevy said. "If pragmatic and workable solutions are to be found, all sides need to come to this debate with a constructive approach."

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4 user comments

116.2.2008 6:15

Paying the media mafia is not paying the artists,if you are going to tax the populace then make sure that tax money gos to the regulation and 15% of whats left to the artist... gee....aint that the media mafia dose....

216.2.2008 10:30

The problem with the levies is the assumption that all of these items purchased will be used for private copying.
I'm so sick of this. Again, "everyone's innocent until proven to be guilty" is turned into "everybody's guilty no matter what". It's not that few cents per item, it's the bleedin' principle. I hate to be treated like a criminal. :(

316.2.2008 10:38

Adequately compensated because I make a copy of something I have paid for???

So if they implement this in the UK any blank media I buy, or any player or anything else will go to prop up fat US millionaire musicians (who's music I don't even download in the first place.. hear me Prince and Symmonds?)

I wasn't born with enough middle fingers!!!

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49.4.2008 6:45

The issue today is the fact that we do not really need record label anymore for artisit to put themselves out there.

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