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YouTube is back in Pakistan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Feb 2008 18:07 User comments (11)

YouTube is back in Pakistan Just 3 days after it blocked access to the popular video sharing site, Pakistani officials have lifted the ban on YouTube, citing that the "anti-Islamic" video clips had been removed.
The so-called "anti-Islamic" clips were trailers for an upcoming movie by the Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilder. The movie allegedly will show Islam as a fascist religion and that has proven to incite violence, especially towards women.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued notices to all 70 Pakistani ISPs telling them to ban access to the site, but that ban has since been lifted. As the PTA says, the "totally anti-Quranic... very blasphemous" video has been removed despite the fact that other Wilder clips still remain available.

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11 user comments

127.2.2008 21:58


228.2.2008 17:53

I think this is setting a bad precedent. I saw the trailer, and it seemed level-headed and academic. It definitely didn't look like the film would take on the tone of a hateful rant. I'm not saying I would agree with the film, but you shouldn't censor people for having a different point-of-view. If Pakistan wants to block the site, let them. Then the people will know they don't live in a free society. I feel sorry for them. It's too bad Google (YouTube) allowed themselves to be strong-armed into censoring the content. This must be distinguished from the removal of copyrighted material which has happened in the past. This is very different.

328.2.2008 20:29

i guess this means i can get back to my al'queda training camp videos.\yeah

41.3.2008 1:25

I feel sorry for all the people caught up in the Islamic religion. Some may try and say it's peaceful but it can't be denied that in the Koran it says "death to all infidels". This is what inspires Islamic radicals to commit acts of murder.

51.3.2008 6:19

@ FreqNasty. Nowhere in the Qur'an (or any other book I've read) has it ever stated "death to all infidels" just like that, it's written in context (yeah I know murder = bad), it actually means something else, I can't remember off the top of my head (Google it). But it's certainly not as blunt as you put it.

It's kinda like Nietzsche and his 'Beyond Good and Evil', nowhere in the book did it say kill the Jews, and promote an Aryan race but still- the Nazis 'misinterpreted' and did it and said they were inspired by that book, which, ironically promoted free will.

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61.3.2008 6:27

Maybe you should educate all those Clerics who fill the minds of so many young Muslims with such trash!

71.3.2008 6:36

Maybe I should, along with every other preacher of every cult or religion that does this.

81.3.2008 18:38

Do not always say what you hear, FreqNasty, inquire seriously without being prejudiced then finally decide

92.3.2008 8:19

um, quick question were the hell did religon come into play in this thread, it's more over a GI than anything. just count your blessins you are in country were you can say what you feel, and not get murderd about it. do you wake up in the morning thinking i may be the next bomb victim,or today i might get shot for just being there.

102.3.2008 10:20

Its sad to know that people have to live there, being brainwashed at birth.


1120.4.2008 17:27

Smart move by youtube. It is always good to see that common sense prevails in the end.

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