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AfterDawn delivers its 100,000,000th software download

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Mar 2008 4:46 User comments (19)

AfterDawn delivers its 100,000,000th software download Last night, we reached yet another big milestone in our site's history when our download servers delivered the 100,000,000th software download ever made from our software section. Yup, that's one hundred million downloads.
As the average size of a software item on our site is around 7 megabytes nowadays, we can make the assumption that so far, our download servers have delivered more than 680,000 gigabytes or 667 terabytes to our users. We currently have six dedicated download servers, making sure that the downloads are reliable and fast.

All-time most popular software items on our site are:

Considering that we only host about 1,200 software items on our site, the 100M figure is quite nice. As always, I'd like to thank you guys, who have rated our software items, recommended our site to your friends and just use the site regularly. Without the help of our loyal users, we couldn't have reached any of the "milestones" we like to boast about :-)

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19 user comments

111.3.2008 5:28

Congrats AD, we love ya baby!

211.3.2008 7:59

Yep. Because of downloading DVD Shrink, I got to know AD!

311.3.2008 8:27

Rock on aD...keep the good stuff going!

411.3.2008 8:50

Congratulations guys, this site is an invaluable resource and much appreciated.


511.3.2008 9:01

What an achievement!
Congratulations to all!
AfterDawn... Thee best site on the net.

611.3.2008 9:18

I visit this site every other day to keep up on all the news and software updates. Plus i visit the message boards very frequently.

Any question i ever have about anything concerning computers, software, televisions are always answered here on your forums. It's a wealth of information that i have learned so much from.

Congratulations to a fantastic site. Keep up the good work guys.

711.3.2008 11:34

it was a good choice of the admins not to limit the downloads to just members, think of all the new members join due to this and all the free links we allow!!

811.3.2008 11:43



911.3.2008 11:49

sweeet. i love AD.

1011.3.2008 15:02

Its always great to see these milestones achieved. 100M is a ton of downloads, its nice to see that the site is able to support that amount of bandwidth.

The speed of the downloads is probably another good reason why so many downloads have occurred as well.


1111.3.2008 15:11

Wow that's a fair few downloads

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1211.3.2008 15:24

A 100 million downloads, holy crap that is almost 120 million downloads!! (Peter Griffin)

1311.3.2008 18:40

1412.3.2008 1:20

So, who made the download I wonder. Congrats AD.

1512.3.2008 6:22

Well Done AD! Keep em rollin!

1612.3.2008 19:25

congratulations. i just downloaded another software rite now.

1715.3.2008 17:34

WooHoo Afterdawn. Well done!!

1817.3.2008 6:45

Congrats, serious amount of downloads.

1918.3.2008 18:24

Well done!

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