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Zune to finally make it to Europe?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Mar 2008 14:37 User comments (2)

Zune to finally make it to Europe? According to the French newspaper Les Echos, Microsoft officials have suggested that a third generation of its popular Zune media player is in the works and that a European launch of the player is coming in 2009.
The Zune, available since late 2006, has been a North American-only product so far despite repeated news reports and rumors that a launch in Europe is coming.

The new rumor, fueled by Microsoft France executive François Ruault, says the company will be releasing the Zune in France in 2009.

We will keep you updated.

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2 user comments

118.3.2008 15:50

give it up.. the zune is dead.. that wi fi feature everybody was ranting about.. well now ipods have built in wifi and internet browsing.. tis a sad day for microsony

225.3.2008 20:05

LOL. Another Apple fanboy...

No, the Zune isn't dead, any more than the iPod is. Sure, iPods have a nicer interface...and their own mafia, just as bad as the M$ Brigade, waiting to slay the unbeliever. ;p

The ONLY iPod that uses wifi (or web browsing) is the extremely expensive 8 GB iPod Touch. EVERY Zune supports wifi, altho I could care less, honestly; I didn't buy it for this feature.

I directly compared the features - in the store, playing back both video and audio - of the 80 GB iPod and the quivalent 80 GB Zune and the iPod lost. Also, bluntly, I don't give a rat's posterior about web browsing off a damn media player. Sorry.

Simply put, the 80 GB Zune has a better screen (same resolution, about 1/3 larger) for video playback. The 80 GB iPod's screen is just too damn tiny to easily read subtitles and I watch a lot of foreign video. The iPod Touch IS sexy, sure, but has an 8 GB storage limit and a much heftier price tag.

Before anyone goes around crying "the Zune is dead" or, for that matter, "the iPod is dead", should then explain to me why Best Buy is constantly sold out of any random model of ANY player. Wanna know the asnwer? Because people BOUGHT THEM. In fact, in my area 80 GB Zunes are selling like hotcakes; I had to call around to find one in stock o.O .

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